Thursday, November 02, 2006


Chaos Theory

The drive down surprisingly wasn't too bad. I was able to nap for an hour or so before J got home from work and then slept for a few hours while she drove. I stayed awake until we hit 385 and then was out. But before that I got to see us almost destroy a deer. It happened like this.

J driving is merging from 123 onto 153 on the on-ramp. It's roughly 1 am and foggy.
La da da, these are good fries. - J
Deer. - Me
Deer! - Me
DEER! - Me
and by that time the deer is now very close to us and decides to cross the on-ramp. J slams on the brakes, tires squealing (no ABS for Focus), but it was enough for the deer to pass safely in front. Phew, that would've sucked.

Made it into Orlando around morning rush hour, slept for an hour and then went to the wedding/reception site.

I'm not feeling the crush but that is mostly due to the fact that J left me at home and my current job assignments are A) send the DJ the music (working on that currently in another tab) B) go pay for our wedding cake (I'll probably do that by 3 or 4) C) make the wedding programs (I'm working on that next) and then take them to Kinko's and make copies.

We officially have 58 people attending the shindig. My folks are here and are running around shopping and getting my dad's tux. I'll see them tonight.

Sorry this has morphed into "Seth's Wedding Blog" recently, but dammit! It's what is going on in my life and I want to share it!

Flowers will arrive tomorrow and are being shipped from California. That makes me feel fancy.


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