Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Back to the Future

The day after the big day, J and I woke up, packed and left the Westin Grand Bohemia, a very cool hotel in the heart of downtown Orlando. Our window actually overlooked the steps of City Hall. There was artwork everywhere and the lobby was connected to a Starbucks. Mini-fridge with reasonably priced beer (around $5.25) and liquor (around $6.50) assuming you brought your own mixers as the OJ and soda was between $3-$4. They were even charging for the in-room coffee maker packets (from Starbucks, of course). The bathroom had a standing shower with 2 heads (albeit right next to each other instead of one in front and one behind) and a jacuzzi tub. Above the tub were two wooden shutters that opened up into the bedroom. Yes I did jump from the window onto the bed. They provided very nice robes that I have decided are just too hot to wear for an extended period of time. We spent a few hours immediately after the wedding there and the night once we got back from J's parents house after-party.

The post reception reception at J's folks house was great. My new nephew from Omaha is in culinary school and he prepared all the food. Teriyaki meatballs (delicious), an Italian cold cut tray, honey baked ham (might have been store bought), fruit tray, and it was all delicious. Beer, soda, liquor and most everyone who was at the wedding showed up. Even the DJ showed up, but we'll get to his ass later. My friends meshed well although some of my B'ham friends camped out in the living room while Clemson friends were out back on the porch. Maybe there wasn't enough room? Since I had forgotten to give my groomsmen gifts to my groomsmen, I went around and presented them. My 3 drinking groomsmen recieved monogrammed flasks and the other 3 (one doesn't drink too much, one hardly ever, and the other is underage) recieved ?. (Two of my groomsmen weren't at the after-party, and Tom reads this so I can't tell you what he got. Once it's in the mail, I'll tell you.)

J's dad said that most everyone left around 12:30 and they finally went to bed around 1:30. We left after most of our friends had left at about 10 pm.

Our Clemson friends played mini-golf (there hotel was on I Drive aka International Drive, super touristy area near theme parks) were they got to feed 3-4 foot alligators and crocs by dangling hotdogs on fishing poles. They said it was a very fun time. I was jealous that they got to feed hotdogs, but there will be other Orlando trips. And while we're on the topic of reptile themed Orlando theme parks, did you see that Gatorland caught on fire! Crazy! CNN article and Chicago Tribune article

Now to the reception. We missed the finger food time, but luckily the head guy snagged us a plate so we could sample them. They were great! Cheese muffins with ham, raspberry puffs, potato pancakes with apple and onion sauce. Excellent. That's what our guests were doing while we were taking photos. Art did a great job and although I didn't recognize him without his goatee, once he started talking I knew it was him. My first instinct was paparazzi who maybe had the wrong place, but that is just pop culture poisoning my brain again. There were lovely trees and gardens surrounding the ceremony site which make for some great pictures. I can't wait to see them.

I'll dive into the actual reception stories tomorrow. We're slowly making our way to the ceremony, which is the best part anyway. "Best part" for the people being married. All the attendees care about is the reception. Fine, not ALL you care about but it is the most fun for you guys. It's a bit hectic for the bride and groom.


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