Thursday, November 16, 2006


And the band played on...

My folks (or 'rents) are coming into town tonight. They're travelling down from Knoxville, TN where they were speaking at a church. They're speaking at a church local to Clemson this weekend, so they take some extra time and are going to be staying at our place for a day or so. Our other bed is a twin and I guess Dad will sleep on the couch and fight off the cats. My mom is a huge cat person so I'm sure they'll get along swimmingly.

Won't get to Thin today, but needless to say it was very disturbing. It boggles my mind that someone who weighs 84.5 lbs (38.3 kg) and is literally skin and bones, can think that they are overweight. Some of the girls (they were all women, but men do suffer from eating disorders too) had been battling anorexia (also called "restricting") for decades.

On a related note, Nicole Richie gained 10 pounds! Yay! Thank you Nicole for finally eating a sandwich. You look much better. Unless you have a Skeletor fetish.

We cleaned our whole house (apartment) last night and some this morning. Guest bedroom, both bathrooms, our room, kitchen and I will be doing the living room (which is just kind of cluttered and not dirty) and vacuuming everywhere. And then I'll take the cats our for a walk because Julio has been quite vocal about wanting to go outside. But Julio, it's raining! I WILL call the vet today and inquire about his excessive eye boogers and nearly daily vomiting. Leon even puked a little bit after Julio puked yesterday. I thought only humans puked at the sight, smell and/or sound of someone else puking.

Did you notice how I converted the lbs. to kilos? I'm trying to make this blog more universal and not so "America and our weird English system of measurement" specific. And the least I can do is convert from english to metric. And I need to get you (us) Americans used to seeing metric units also for our inevitable switch to the much more logical metric system. Although I do like Fahrenheit. It's just a much broader scale of temperature so we can have temps that go from -20 F up to 110 F (-28.8 C to 43 C). Or maybe I just hate converting F to C because it deals with fractions. Maybe we'll just all use Kelvin one day.


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