Monday, October 02, 2006


So much racing

All told, we watched around 20 hours of live racing this weekend. Incredible. Ear plugs were a necessity.

We showed up Friday morning about 8:45. Got our tickets, found a gap in between two tents and set up our camp. Right next to the track. Amazing.

After grilling some hot dogs, we strolled down into the pits, took lots of pictures, hung out and chatted with some of the Touring car drivers, got some autographs, then went back to our seats to wait for Protege who was showing up later because of some work stuff. But he showed up right in time for the start of the Speed GT race: Vettes, Aston Martins, Vipers, Porsches, Cadillacs, even a couple Pontiacs.

Then we walked around a bit, hung out some, drank, went to sleep and was awoken to the sounds of the Ferrari parade laps led by a gorgeous red Enzo. And if the Ferraris didn't wake you up, then the Le Mans car practice at 8:45 would've done the trick. Got to walk onto the racetrack for grid. People everywhere, flag girls, team owners, drivers, it was alot of fun and very inviting. Walked up to Turn 1 for the start of the race, then walked all the way around the track en route to our seats.

I have a few pics up and I should have to others up later tonight. Check out some the pictures.


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