Saturday, October 14, 2006


Maybe I care just a little

I've been thinking. About my post from yesterday specifically. Thoughts brought on by reading Jack's most recent. After all, he lives Grand Theft Auto everyday. But mostly I was thinking that if video games did become virtual reality, as if you were actually there experiencing it, and I got to see first hand in graphic detail all the things that I perpetrated in Grand Theft Auto (killing cops and running people over for fun, getting a hooker and then beating her with a baseball bat to get my money back, slicing people up with a chainsaw) that it would be the most traumatic and disturbing game in the history of eternity.

Sure it would be cool to snipe people and drive recklessly through traffic, but the hand to hand combat with the close range weapons would be horrendous. Things no one needs to see or do ever. So while it would be cool (and still probably going to happen) I think I'll stick with fun platformers (like Mario) and racing games.

And while I don't really appreciate his pot shots (no pun intended) at NORML and the adult who chooses a less harmful illegal intoxicant over legal alcohol, he does bring up a very good point.

He deals with the dregs of society, Texan society at that, day in and day out. I would definitely play Jack's video game.


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