Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Is that Robert Stack?

Today's installment is going to focus on my blogosphere aka blogiverse. There are a few unsolved mysteries out there. Who's that blogger? Where does that blogger work? My least favorite accusations are that the blogger is not real and is just a writer doing his thing and writing fiction. I don't like those accusations, but understand that is has and does happen.

Here is my episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" (cue music, cue Robert Stack)

Riley had a blog. Then she dropped the bomb that Riley was her dog and her real name was April. Her blogspot blog was stolen by a mom with a daughter named Riley. She was a photographer and a great blogger. She said she would be lurking but I haven't seen her in a while. I hope you're doing okay April and Riley too.

The blog that started it all. The first blog I ever read and was hooked. Kevin at TJ's place. What happened to Kevin? Which strip club was his? Excellent stories and it made you felt like you were a fly on the wall of his place and got all the juicy stories and gossip.

Crash works for a gangster. Great stories and had Trashman's "authentic criminal" seal of approval. Supposedly had a book deal, hasn't been seen since Sept. Who does he work for? Is he okay? Again, excellent stories.

John over at Dead Aim. The mystery was what show did he work for, but fortunate for us, he popped on in Sept. to let us in on the secret. He worked for Elimidate! Aha! Hopefully John, the wife, Bob and their brand new baby are all doing well! Also the quote under his title is from a great movie and comedian and once I saw that I instantly fell in love with his blog. (Bill Murray's character said it in Rushmore)

Portlandia. Hopefully you and your husband are still enjoying the new house and the new pooch. Where did she go?

Rob at ClubLife. He disabled comments. He stands on a box. Where does he work? What does he look like? Where did he play Division A college football? Can't wait for his book to come out.

Ms. Arugula Headbeanface. Not too many mysteries although she is mysterious. But mostly I just want to know her name! She said it is very unique and special and she won't share. I want to be one of the special people who are priveleged enough to know it. Much love for Sloths everywhere.

Found a couple new ones through dear ol' Waiter. Who's Fluvio? Where is the "Bistro"? Can I get some more bread? Has one of the larger blogs on the list but still has kept his anonymity even while giving interviews on TV and radio. Impressive.

And some of the lucky to be linked from Waiterrant are the Barmaid and Waitress. Both relatively new blogs but thanks to Waiter, already have a healthy following.

Barmaid is a bartender at a local place in NY and I just want to know which one in case I'm in the area and want a frosty beverage from a fellow blogger. Loves her Yankees and weaves wonderful stories. A bit tough to just jump in and follow all the characters but luckily she links the previous blogs that are pertinent. Which bar is yours?

Waitress is a server in a strip club. She also attends a local university. Which strip club and which school? We know she's in the Bible Belt, so that narrows it down a bit.

Hope you enjoyed "Seth's Unsolved Mysteries"!


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