Friday, October 13, 2006


I just don't care

I should probably have prefaced yesterday's post with the following:

If you are not on Welfare or any other governmental subsidy,
And are not hurting anyone,
And are not hindering the forward progress of society,
I couldn't give two shits what you do.

Want to grease yourself up with butter everyday? Fine.
Want to make beads and sell them? Great

But when people start slipping in your butter puddles, you need to reevaluate.

As an avid gamer, been playing video games since my first Intellivision when I was probably 6, so a solid two decades of gaming, this is where I would like gaming to go. Anyone remember Strange Days? It was a movie set in the future but they had a small wiry thing that sat on your head and was a portable virtual reality device. That's what I want. A small, portable virtual reality device, so that it feels like I'm actually driving that Ferrari F40 through the streets of Monte Carlo, or actually blasting that cop in the face with my sawed off shotgun because I just held up a bank and need to make my getaway. (References to Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto) I want to really experience it. That's where I want video games to go. Portable virtual reality without the pesky Matrix "if you die in the game, you die in real life". You could actually be Mario and break blocks with your head (fist) and get that kiss from Princess, or you could be Wario and toss a green shell at Luigi because he just passed you for 1st. Or you could actually be Barbie and ride that horse all over the country side. (Yes that's a real video game, Barbie's Horse Adventure) Not sure how they would do 3rd person games, assuming they would still have that. I guess it would be like The Sims and give you a God-view.

Now what you've all been waiting for....T-shirts! That's right ladies and gentlemen, a brief glimpse into my wonderful wardrobe! And without further adieu: (you can click on the pics to make them larger)

The "Charlie Brown" shirt

A great shirt, J hates it, that has been around for a while. I've only seen one other shirt that was even similar and I can't recall ever seeing another soul wearing one like it.

My Mario Kart shirt

Slightly offensive but all in good fun. I've never actually played anyone's mom in Mario Kart that I'm aware of. I'm wearing this one today. I truly love Mario Kart, although Mario Kart DS is tricky.

The Kids in the Hall shirt

A little hard to see in the small pic, but it says "I'm crushing your head" which is a reference to a Kids in the Hall sketch. Notice how things get smaller the further away they get? When someone is far enough away, then you can put your fingers in front of your eye and perspectively "crush their head". Hard to explain but I still like it.

My Happy Mushroom shirt

A bit out of focus but you get the idea. Got this one on choir tour in high school, can't remember where. Caveman actually got a ringer version of this shirt (white shirt with blue rings around the collar and end of the sleeve) but he lost it long ago. Too many holes to wear regularly, it has been promoted to the permanent non-wearing collection.

Young People's Day Camps of Staten Island

Very good example of a free t-shirt obtained from a friend's screen printing place. I was not a staff at this day camp. I've barely driven through Staten Island. Great shirt.

Henry The Greatest Hamster EVER!

Got this for Joan for some holiday. It portrays Henry, our first pet, frolicking in his paper shreds. He was so cute and soft and the first of our orange and white pets (Julio is #2). Also in the permanent non-wearing collection, but could come out of retirement if anyone ever starts a "Remember the dead day". That might be what Cinco de Mayo is about. Nope, but Dia de la Muerte is, aka All Soul's Day.

2005 Cherokee Trails Rally

Free for working at said event. I'm slowly building up my car related t-shirts. Hard to do that for free though. They cancelled the 2006 and hopefully that won't happen next year.

NAPA Filters

Free for whoring myself out to promote their 40th anniversary giveaway. It's a 2X and way too big. This is in the "working on cars and one step from the trash can" shirt section of my closet.

I like monkeys.

J got me this shirt for my birthday one year. Unfortunately it has a hole between the sleeve and chest area. It is fixable (the seam seperated) but no one has fixed it yet. Once we learn to sew, that is the first order of business. It is a Roman Dirge shirt. He created Lenore and her wacky misadventures. Very dark and very funny.

And that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my world o' shirts.

Just for posterity's sake I would also like to note shirts that didn't make it this long, mostly because I lost them or J threw them away.
My egg shirt (Had a picture of a small egg at the top and said "Whip me. Beat me. Eat me."
My Louie the Lightningbug shirt. Had stains on the graphic and had to be put down.
My Napster shirt. I heard a rumor that Caveman has it and still wears it. As long as someone is still sporting it, that's fine by me. Original free Napster, not crappy sell-out pay service Napster.
My Captain of the Birmingham Fire and Rescue squad shirt. Loved that one. Not sure where it went. I'm guessing J.


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