Thursday, October 05, 2006


Great White North

Our neighbors, America's hat, Canada have some strange habits. They play hockey and show lots of it on TV. They have lots of trees and no intention of cutting them down. They have tons of oil and no intention of drilling for it. They have nationalized health care. Crazy right?

But their food habits are the strangest, or so I thought. Canadians have been known to put white vinegar on their french fries. Most notably everyone's favorite Canadian, Jamie who taught english in Japan but is now back home. He complained of the lack of white vinegar in Japan and then explained that Canadians put it on fries (chips for Brits) (side note: here is a helpful website with a few common differences between the States and Canada)

This is the search for "vinegar" on Jamie's site and this is the one that I was specifically talking about.

See? I told you.

I was talking to my lab about how acids are dangerous and HF leaches Calcium out of your bones and you would dissolve and if you inhale Chlorine gas then it will form hydrochloric acid in your lungs (bad). And that the only acid that isn't super dangerous (besides the hydrochloric acid that is your stomach acid) is acetic acid because it is vinegar which has many uses and Canadians put it on their fries.

When lo and behold one of my students (who shares a first name with Bruce Willis' character from The 5th Element, although apparently spelled differently) pipes up that her and her family does that. Really?!?!?! Are they Canadian? Nope, from Anderson. Weird. She also told me that Rush's in Columbia has vinegar on the table for the fries. I would really be interested to see how that came to pass. In fact, I might send them an email and ask. Maybe.

Brits put malt vinegar on their chips, Canucks put white vinegar on their fries and now we know that a few South Carolinians put white vinegar on their fries too.


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