Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Closer and closer

Our wedding is in less than 2 weeks now and by this time next week, we'll be in Orlando making final wedding arrangements! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! One day at a time. Breath and everything will be okay.

We're going to get a neighbor to watch the cats.

HUGE thanks to all who sent good thoughts and prayers this way last week. J got the job! And she starts the Mon. after our wedding. And they actually pay for her healthcare! (as opposed to the teaching position that charged her $200+/month for health insurance) So we're both excited that at least one of us will have a legit job in the near future.

I'm still working on my papers to be published and haven't started my dissertation yet. J asked if I was going to start looking for jobs in May. I replied that I will start looking for jobs in January. Once I get my papers done and my pre-oral out of the way, I will become a full time dissertation writer. Another labmate who graduated the year after I joined the group worked on her dissertation 4 hours/day and she finished in 2-3 months, so that is my goal. Writing will become my job (with this blog being my escape from "real" writing for some "fun" writing).

Clemson's last men's soccer game is on Friday. Hopefully we get a NCAA tournament qualifier game here. Last year we got to watch our beloved tigers kick some Creighton ass. We came in 4th in the NCAA tourney last year and this year is going to be a fight just to make it that far.

The Clemson men's american football team is doing well. We're ranked #10 and #11 in the two important polls. But we need Boston College to lose to someone in the conference because even though we're kicking ass, we lost to them early in the year and they could get the ACC champ BCS bowl game, which would suck. Hopefully we can finish the year strong and get some excellent national exposure and keep up with these great recruiting classes. In american college football, recruiting is very important because the players only have 4 (or 5) years that they can legally play for the team, so you constantly need great high school players to take the graduating players place. (This explanation was provided for the benefits of any international or domestic visitors who don't know college football that well.)

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