Friday, October 27, 2006


Chris Wallace

aka Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls (1972-1997)

If you've never heard a Biggie track, then apparently you didn't listen to the radio in the 90's and don't know what all this "rap" stuff is about anyway. Incredible lyricist. And he was in the newest South Park episode.

Butters summons his ghost by saying "Biggie Smalls" 3 times in a mirror. CNN has an article about it. More specifically the article is talking about how Matt and Trey "mocked" Steve Irwin. Satan was having his Super Sweet 16 party, which was also a Halloween costume party. One of Satan's demons told him that someone had shown up in a Steve Irwin costume. Satan goes over to the individual and says (paraphrased) Hey, it's too soon to be wearing that costume. But Satan, it's me! Steve Irwin. Oh!, says Satan. Then you're not in costume and you'll have to leave. And then Steve is escorted out by security.

As far as South Park goes, that's fairly tame. The story came from London though. The episode also depicted Princess Di in Hell, so I think that's what got their panties in a twist. Ghandi and George Burns were also there.
"South Park" maker Comedy Central defended the episode. A spokesperson for the company said: "It has offended people in the past and probably will again. Regular watchers would not be shocked."

The show holds the record for the most swear words spoken in one program, and regularly takes pot-shots at celebrities and makes fun of politics and religion.

Some tamer examples include George Clooney, mocked for his politically motivated Oscar acceptance speech, and lampooning Tom Cruise and John Travolta for their belief in Scientology. One episode with a depiction of a bleeding Virgin Mary so upset the Catholic Church that it was pulled from repeats of the series.

Actually I was shocked that they put Steve in the episode. Didn't see it coming at all, but it was funny. Maybe too soon, but Halloween is Tues. so they at most could've only waited another week to air the episode. And might I remind you that members of the media actually wanted to show the footage of his death. I'm guessing Steve is okay with the cartoon version of him getting kicked out of Satan's party for not wearing a costume. I'm guessing Steve would not have been okay with his death being aired around the world. "Hey Bindi, I saw your dad die last night on the news." Not cool.

Also I like how they leave out the tidbit that the statue of the Virgin Mary was no just bleeding, but was bleeding out her ass. Luckily I did get to see that episode before it got yanked. George Clooney's smug cloud was an amazing episode. Anyone who lives in San Francisco, or owns a Prius, or is George Clooney should definitely watch that one. In fact, here is a Youtube link to the episode. Running time is 22 minutes.

Keep up the good work guys. And maybe make a new movie in the next year or so. Please.


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