Friday, September 15, 2006


The void behind my face

Listened to Weezer's Blue album on the way to school. I love that disc. It's such a solid album all the way through. Only complaint is that it is too short.

Someone named Laurie Cooper told me I should add a link to to my blog. I think she was just searching around and saw the diabetes link on my sidebar, but she could be a lurker just trying to be helpful. I'll link it here and it might make it to the sidebar. We'll see.

So my mom and dad were walking the dog in their neighborhood yesterday. Nice, quiet, been there for 3 years. Nice buildings, most have guards out front but that is standard in Central America. They see something in the gutter that is wrapped in a large burlap bag. That's weird, why would someone dump a mannequin here in a bag? So they get a little closer and sho nuff, it's a body. So I imagine they turn on their heels and head back home, but on the way they tell one of the guards they pass that there is a body over there. On their way out they pass a bunch of police officers who have roped off the area. Crazy. So they're ready to come back to the States where stuff like that doesn't happen. Or doesn't usually happen in the sleepy hamlet that is Homewood, AL.

I love the phrase "sleepy hamlet". It reminds me of any quaint little town just as the sun comes up and the only things running around are a couple of chickens, maybe a dog looking for breakfast, a thin haze lingering, waiting to be cooked off by the gentle warming rays of the sun. Oh look! A baker mixing dough for the days loaves. This place exists in many places. South America, Bavaria, Pacific Northwest, New England. You just have to look around and find them.

Oh man, let me tell you what happened last night at the grad student gov't meeting. But first a story that I might forget. Strolling into the library, I see a sign that says there will be a fire drill at 6 pm yesterday. Crap, what time is it? Am I gonna have to run outside? I thought they had one the day before? While these synapses are firing, the girl (who had CAVS written on her ass) walking into the library in front of me held the door open for me even though I was close enough to not need the door held. I walk in and don't even acknowledge her, lost in thought as I am. She says "you're welcome" and I smile to myself knowing that I was just an asshole.

There was another one but I can't recall it now. Played soccer, 2 vs. 2, lots of fun. Found out my new neighbor played during high school, so I'll have to drag him out there one day.

Back to the GSG. They have a Financial Committee that is made up of grad students. Grad student organizations that want to be funded by the GSG submit budgets and presentations and they FC decides who gets what and how much. This is then shown to the senators who vote on whether or not they are okay with it. Usually this is a painless process because the senators know that the FC did their job and did it well. Unfortunately, we didn't get this passed in the spring and never had enough senators to make it official this summer, so we were going to vote on it last night. Except for these two (douchebags is too harsh, maybe asshats?) asshats who wanted to know what these people would spend the money on and why the Tennis/Badminton club was getting more money than the Genetics & Biochem club. Because they didn't ask for as much money, because their presentation wasn't as good, because they have additional sources of income and only need a little more? Countless reasons, but they wanted to know what. I left early because I couldn't take it anymore. On the way home the question I should've asked came to me. Who do you guys not trust? Do you not trust the current elected officers? Do you not trust last year's elected officers? Do you not trust the grad students on the FC? Do you not trust the different organization's officers? What is the weak link in this equation in your opinions?

One of them also said that $50,000 is alot of money. For one organization, maybe. But that is spread out over 12-14 organizations and the rest goes to the GSG and thier respective programs. And since when is $50,000 alot of money? People spend that on fucking parking spaces for Clemson football games. And each grad student pays $10 to make up that $50,000 and the rest of us are okay letting these few trusted officials decide what to spend that money on, so why not you jerks? I got home and shared this with J and she said that it had been a while since she had seen me so fired up. Well, those guys pissed me off royally. I hope they're at the next meeting (of course they will be) and I can't wait to ask them who they don't trust. Asshats.

Clemson Tigers vs. UNC Tar Heels in men's soccer tonight. If you get the Fox Soccer Channel, you can watch the game live! I'll be one of the 6,000 or so people wearing an orange shirt. Go Tigers! We're ranked #2 in the nation, by the way.


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