Tuesday, September 05, 2006



I added a new section to the sidebar. Special Interests Blogs. Mostly cupcake related and guerrilla gardening related. I think J could really go for some guerilla gardening. She loves the wildflowers along the interstate. In fact, the other day that is what she said she wants to do. Add flowers to the interstate, but I'm sure she could be convinced to beautify other areas too.

Just unloaded the car. I'm constantly amazed by how much crap I can fit in that little Focus hatchback.

I think I mentioned that they added new LCD TVs to all the treadmills and eliptical trainers. I was flipping around and saw that some news station was discussing whether or not Steve Irwin's videotaped final moments should be released to the media. Um, that's up to Terri and the kids primarily but stop and think if it was your dad dying on that tape. Would you want to share that?

I know what I would say.
Media person: Hey Seth! Would you give me a copy of your dad dying so I can show it to the world?
Seth: WHAT! I hope you die of gonorrhea and rot in Hell.
Media person: But think of how it could help save the world and educate people!
Seth: Uh, I think my dad's extensive volumes of aired TV has pretty much covered that douchebag.

Terri and kids, you have my whole-hearted support to destroy that tape so that no one will ever see it again. I know if I could've watched my grandfather (paternal) being crushed to death under those gears, I would've taken a pass. I should probably share that experience tomorrow to clarify.


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