Friday, September 01, 2006


They say it's your birthday!

Happy 27th to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like birthdays. They hand-crafted for the self-centered individual. Lots of focus on you and you can toss out the excuse "but it's my birthday" as much as others will tolerate.

Don't know if J is getting me a present or not. I prefer to be completely surprised by these things. All I have planned is that we're going downtown at 5 for happy hour at 356, Clemson's newest martini bar. Delicious beverages. And then the First Friday parade starts at 6 pm. It's a small parade with
There are about 45 entries in the parade, which runs along State 93 from Cherry Road in front of the President's House to Williamson Road, just past the lower intramural fields, Davis said.

Entries include the Clemson Tiger Band, various ROTC military groups, the Clemson Sports Car Club and 11 sorority floats, Davis said.
And Protege gets to drive his car in it, so he's gonna meet us afterwards. But our plan is to watch most of the parade inside and then come out and scream for the Clemson Sports Car Club and then go back inside.

Then we're going to someone's house, maybe Protege's, and hang out, play some games, try and finish their evil puzzle. I wanted a "birthday" activity and I came up with either: (A) Make your own sundae bar complete with fudge, nuts, schprinkles (that's how ze Germans say it and it's funny) and maybe some of that magic shell stuff, or (B) Decorate your own cupcake bar complete with nuts, sprinkles, and many colored icings, maybe even different flavors. Neither one takes much set-up or much clean up for that matter, assuming disposable bowls, so we just might swing by Bi-Lo and make it a game time decision.

I rode the CATbus this morning because I didn't really want to drive it to school, then try and find a place to park downtown and then drunk drive it home, so I let public transportation tote me around. And then I can either take it home or get a ride!

But can't get too buck-wild tonight. The 24 autocross is tomorrow and I'll probably have to get up about 9.

But while waiting on the bus I was watching this guy from under my umbrella (it was drizzling a bit, which should make the floats in the parade look awesome) and he showed up with a banana (don't know what became of the peel), he finished that and then magically pulled a Barq's rootbeer can from somewhere. And then proceeded to open it with HIS TEETH! I cringed and looked away. I love my teeth too much to subject them to that and I have fingernails. And no he wasn't holding an umbrella, his other hand was hanging freely at his side. Weird.

Hope everyone has a good Seth's Birthday today!


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