Tuesday, September 19, 2006


No updates

Haven't heard any updates from the fam. I should email my uncle and ask him. Be proactive and all.

Facebook was recently revamped. Some like it, some don't, but they added a "Notes" section. I kinda like it. I plan on using it like a mini-blog, but only when I have a picture and a succint story to go with it. We all now I'm not the best with the summing up and making short, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

J is running errands today and hitting all the area vets looking for a job. I hope she finds something. I think she is also going to try to score a more legit job than "Sandwich Artist". I suggested the area grocery stores, since she has so much experience in that area she might get paid a little more, and also area banks because that doesn't really seem like a difficult job and I suppose it pays well.

Powerball is up to 179 million. So she is also planning on getting a couple tickets. No Powerball winner has ever been from SC (or more correctly bought a winning ticket in SC) so I guess this area is due. I have my fingers crossed, although logic deters me from plummeting into the "what if" scenarios. Last night they revolved around cars and a new house, which is pretty much all we would do. I'll just recap:
J: I would buy my Audi RS4 (V8, AWD, 420 hp, and comfy) and we would move into a new house and I would fly Thom Filicia down to decorate it. He's the interior design guy from Queer Eye and his office is in Soho.
Me: I would keep Focus and turn her into my rally car. I would probably buy a less than 1000cc motorcycle for sunny day commuting and a truck and trailer to tow the rally car, and that's about it for now.
Which is true. J just bought a new car that is incredible and fast, why would I get a new car also? And I wouldn't get the truck until I absolutely had to. And I wouldn't drive it anywhere. Maybe I would just rent a truck? That might work better. We'll see.

Crap! See how easy it is to plummet? And speaking of plummeting, do you all remember my friend Tom who stopped by and commented a few times? He is currently neck deep in a downward spiral that is WoW, or World of Warcraft for non-video gamers. It is one of those PC based massive multiplayer games. But they say that 70% of its players are completely addicted. The problem comes with the fact that you can't really accomplish anything big, like storm a castle, beat up a super bad guy, in 10-15 minutes. All you can do in that time is run around, sell some stuff, buy some stuff, beat a few lower tier bad guys and gain some experience points. I've never actually played but that's how most of them work. So you need to devote at least 3-6 hours to accomplish anything meaningful and that coupled with the fact that it is its own world and society and you never have a reason to talk to another "real" person again! Move back in with the folks, install a nouveau dumb waiter and you never have to stop playing! Except for super quick bathroom breaks but that's what laptops are for.

But Tom isn't addicted. He really isn't. And they wanted me to play. Sorry guys, I'm trying to actually graduate.


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