Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Need to pay rent today

There has been a lull in cyberspace recently. Not too many people updating. It's fall and school is starting back and even if you don't directly go to school or work at a school, it affects you somehow.

But the lulls always re-energize me because it reminds me of who I do this for. Me. All me, all the time. Occasionally I'll do a post dedicated to someone else (search for scooter to find ESC's scooter post) but all the other times it is what I want to write about.

And other times it's just fluff and filler so that I can merely say I posted something.

The wedding is coming up fast and there are still details to iron out.
Ceremony - what we want to do, vows, where to put the bridesmaids, etc...
Reception - Songs for our dances, we're only doing the big ones, not general dancing
Night of - we need a place to stay, J's looking into B&Bs
Gifts - I guess we need parent gifts and we also need groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts

That might be it, but J would know for sure.

But the lull is also good because it discourages me from checking other people's blog. Which in turn makes me focus on work. Which in turn gets me the hell out that much faster. And that is the big picture goal isn't it? Get my degree, find a job, move to the surrounding area to ideally minimize my commute and be close to a high school that will hire J.

So remember that I've mentioned the fancy schmancy chemistry EZ-Up? Well when I was prez of the chem grad students, I kept it in a closet on the first floor. I knew of only 3-4 people who had keys and they aren't thieves. And the closet was right near the door which is near the sidewalk that you can drive your car onto which made loading the 100 lb. tent easier. But that is all over. The new VP put it in the stockroom that only 1-2 people have a key to and I'm not one of them. And the stockroom is only open from 8-4:30 M-F, whereas my closet was open whenever the hell I wanted it to open. So I was talking to VP (who is most likely a lesbian, just saying, but that has to be hard in the Bible Belt) and she said that a CGSO officer (not me) would just ask Laura for it and go pick it up. So I sent an email to the current prez and told her what's up, so hopefully when I need it, she can just send an email saying that I am picking it up for official CGSO bizness. I truly hope that works out. I didn't spend $1200 (of the CGSO's money) for that tent to sit in a damn closet.


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