Friday, September 08, 2006


I guess I could play the age card?

The CATbus ride to school was mildly uneventful. But the driver made one regrettable error. He drove right past someone standing at the busstop. Fortunately for the missed rider, an attentive passenger hit the STOP button just in time. The missed rider was somewhat miffed. You didn't see me? Why didn't you stop? To which the driver had no good response. Was it cuz I'm black? (Ah the race card) She then walks back to her seat mumbling something about "glasses" and "dumbass". You couldn't see this bright ass shirt I'm wearing? It was a bright blue, but I do wonder why he didn't stop. Was he not looking over there? Was he in LaLa Land? Did he really not stop for her because she was black? There were already Russians, Chinese and a guy of probably Middle Eastern descent on the bus, but I guess it's possible.

Being a minority is on my list of life experiences. When I lived in the DR, on occasion I felt biased against because of my skin color. A Dominican would get served before me or something along those lines, but I didn't mind too much. Just a small taste and very temporary. The future held another country for me in the future; a country full of white people where we were the majority, so I could stand being the minority for a bit. Mostly people would stare because they had never seen a "gringo" before or had only seen a handful. I'm not equating this to being black, or at least not directly equating this. Two very different situations, for starters, there is no history of white slavery in the DR, so I do get the differences.

But thinking about being a minority, I was reminded of a story that was on after the census was released. Okay, found one from
Whites are a minority in four states, Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas, and the District of Columbia. The share of white people fell below 60 percent in three other states, Maryland, Georgia and Nevada. Nationally, non-Hispanic whites make up about 67 percent of the population, down from 70 percent at the start of the decade.
Also take a look at this break-down of the whole US Yes the US is still a "white" nation but there are a few states where whites will no longer be a majority.

So I guess can you still play the race card in those states? Or does the race card transfer to the minority racial group? Ideally no judgements or decisions will ever be based on race, but not everyone wears my rose colored glasses.


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