Thursday, September 07, 2006


Harmonic elation

I fought the law yesterday and I won!

I received a ticket from Officer Baxley of the Clemson PD for driving left of center. It was a mistake, but I thought it was my best option for avoiding an accident. I'll explain it later if you would like.

But we're all packed into the courtroom waiting for the Judge to show up. I've had dealings with Judge Barnes before, he's a reasonable man and very nice but is certainly no nonsense and intense. So he gives his intro and once he is done asks for anyone with a ticket from Baxley to raise their hand, about 12-14 people. He tells us to all crowd around the bench. Apparently BX is no longer under the employ of the CPD and thought he was going to be in Nashville and couldn't make it to court. So the court told some people who called in beforehand that their tickets were dismissed. So instead of a continuation on all our cases (until at least October), and to keep it fair, the judge dismissed all his tickets, and there were a couple driving with a suspended license in there. So we were pleased, a little too much joy in my book for some, I at least waited until I was out of the courtroom before I smiled and relaxed. I didn't want to risk being held in contempt or something worse. But we all made it outside and got away scot free.

Back to work!


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