Thursday, September 28, 2006


Fuck you I won't do what you tell me

If you don't own a Rage Against the Machine album, please go out and purchase either their self-titled first album or their 2nd release Evil Empire. Both excellent. Their 3rd and 4th are good too but I have not listened to either all the way through. They are titled Battle of Los Angeles and Renegades respectively. I miss you Zach de La Rocha but at least I can still hear Tom Morello's inventive axe playing with his new band, Audioslave.

I'm back! We ended up not having group meeting yesterday but Boss Man will be around today to speak with us individually. I'm still working on some crystal structures. It's fairly frustrating because it seems like all of my data isn't any good.

I ordered a new cell phone. Cingular says it will be "free" and I only have to pay an "upgrade fee" of $18. It's a Motorola L2 and word on the street is that I can upload mp3 ringtones and pics for backgrounds. I'm going to see if I can do this myself without having to pay outrageous fees to some crappy internet site for a ringtone that will get old the 4th time I hear it. Games are going to be tricky though. I'm fairly certain I'll have to download those from somewhere. I hope not. AND it has Bluetooth! So I can finally be one of those cool people who shell out $50+ for a little cockroach looking thing that glows blue and sits on your ear! It does seem nice to just keep your phone in your pocket and be able to use it but I don't think I would be able to use it in public without feeling uber self-conscious.

But the moral of the story is that Cingular shipped it with FedEx. Not Britney's hopefully soon to be ex, but the actual shipping company. I hate FedEx. They are awful and stupid. Here's why. The only package I've ever had stolen was delivered by FedEx. I was trying out a new online site that would ship groceries to your door. Sounds cool, so I ordered up about $25 of non-perishable items and had it shipped via FedEx (and this was in 2001 dollars so that's at least $26.50-$27 in 2006 dollars). I waited and waited and waited. WTF mate? Where is my cereal and box of granola bars that conveniently arrive at my door? Let me check the website. Weird, they said that it was delivered. Okay, so I check with my roommates. Nope. I even go across the hall and ask our neighbors if they had received a package for me or remember seeing it. Nope. Let's call FedEx. It was delivered. It was delivered? Do I have my package? It was left on by your door. Oh so you were just trusting that no one passing by or an unscrupulous neighbor wouldn't swipe it? Um, I guess so. Well you suck and I hate you. I did get my money refunded but that didn't make it right. I wanted cereal and various other sundries without getting off my ass!

So I now loathe FedEx. I recently had some tires and wheels for Focus shipped to my house. Fortunately I knew FedEx's evil tricks and their propensity for just abandoning your package once it was "delivered". So I checked the tracking website all day and once I saw they were "delivered" I made a mad dash for home. Sho nuff, my tires and wheels (mounted and ready to be put on any car with a 4x108 bolt pattern and an offset of +42) were sitting in front of my door! What the hell is wrong with you! So if I had a Faberge egg or a gold brick shipped with FedEx, you would just leave it at my door, calling your job done?!?!?!?! I HATE YOU!

I also had J's diamond engagement ring shipped from NYC and they used FedEx. Luckily I had it shipped to me at work, so they wouldn't abandon it and so J wouldn't see it before it was time. Moral of the story is that if you ship something FedEx, you better be damn sure that someone is home, otherwise there is a fairly good chance that you will never ever see it.

And now for UPS, glorious Brown. Sure they have one of the grossest tag lines ever (What can brown do for you?) but they are incredible. They actually make sure someone is there before they drop it off. They get signatures. They won't just leave it at your door calling it "a job well done." Sure it's a hassle to go down to the main UPS warehouse if you missed the truck and you have to have your package now, but isn't that better than never getting it? Our UPS guy is a very nice guy and stops and chats if he isn't in a rush. They also do special requests. Let me check if I've talked about this before. Nope.

We were planning on putting Tercel's clutch in that weekend. I ordered it on Monday in hopes that it would be here by Friday. It was shipped UPS! Hooray! The place said not to expect it until next Tues. but UPS told me to expect it on Friday! Perfect. But I wouldn't be home and J would be at school. What to do, what to do. Aha! I'll leave a note. "Dear UPS guy, this is [my name]. The clutch you are delivering we are planning on putting in this weekend. Please leave it in the black Ford Focus that is directly behind you. It should be unlocked." Then signed my name and address. Lo and behold when I arrived home later that day, there was a heavy, medium sized box sitting in the passenger seat of my favorite car! Thank you UPS for being responsible deliverers and actually listening to your customers. I'm gonna let Brown do stuff for me all the time! (yuck)

I'll be at Road Atlanta starting tomorrow morning for the American Le Mans Series. They are having a 10 hour endurance race there on Saturday featuring the new Audi diesel R10. Maybe I'll see you there!


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