Monday, September 18, 2006


Down here!

I'll leave those posts up for about a week or so, just to get the word out.

J's drama is mostly over. She is no longer a teacher. Too much administrative hoops to jump through and too much non-class work for her, that coupled with a 50% drop-out rate for her school and the fact that hers was a critical needs area and critical needs school equals J no longer working there. It doesn't sound like she wants to teach ever, but I think in a different state with different students and a different work ethic (the students, J already has another job), she would enjoy it a little more. She really enjoyed two of her classes but the other two were awful. And her school already lost another teacher last week, and now they have lost two barely a month into the school year. The other guy was from MN and the different work ethic comment was his.

And J now (temporarily) works at the Subway downtown. She can take the CATbus to work and is a good "I need a better job" job. She has decided that animals are her true calling, so she hopefully can get a job with a vet's office, but even that would be temporary because we are leaving this area next year. Then she can look for a job in a (hopefully) thriving larger city economy and she has a good resume. But I am slightly biased.

My license plate was stolen and it took a trip to the DMV and $6 to get a new tag. I'm not super thrilled with my replacement but I'm not paying for a vanity plate. But please be on the look-out for my plate. They owe me $6.

Back to work!


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