Thursday, September 14, 2006


Abruptly awoken

That was me at 1:30 am this morning. J was having some "I wanna quit" drama. There is more to the story but I don't want to get into it now. Her principal wasn't there so they gave her today and tomorrow off and told her to "recharge". I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

The past two times we have gone out to eat there has been the same faux pax committed by both our waitresses, not bringing back small bills. One was $10.38, so I paid $20.38 cuz I like to use change. She brought back a $10. Um, what? Do you not want a tip? I had no other bills so I asked J and luckily she had a $1. So instead of $3, she got $1. The second time was at the OG. The bill was $30.08. I paid $40.08. She brought back two fives. Better but what if I wanted to leave $6? So she got the five.

The moral of the story is: If the change comes to just one dollar amount bill, always bring it back in change (unless specifically instructed otherwise by the customer). Example. In both my stories, a better tip would've been achieved if I had been given the liberty to use different denominations of currency. They should've brought back a five and five ones. So that the customer could tip anywhere from 1 to 10 dollars at their leisure. Yes it's a gamble, some people might tip you $3 or $4 instead of $6 but if not given an option I'm sure they would rather stiff you than leave you more than they want.

Have I ever done a part-time/summer job post? I see that I have. That would've been faster and easier if I used tags but I don't, so I'll rely on my Google searches for now.

But my part-time jobs consist of:
One summer in room service (linked story from above)
Chip Shots golf photography (kinda cool, but basically a scam)
Illuminations (candle store, christmas time job, something to do for pocket money really)
Red Bull! (awesome, I was a consumer educator and I educated consumers about Red Bull, I would really love to work for them again, incredible company)
I think that's it, I worked at our churches daycare for about a month, and after Red Bull came grad school and here we are.

If you haven't been following the Anna Nicole's son Daniel saga like I haven't been, then you might not know that (cool! the article has highlights so you don't have to actually read it all, they must know their entertainment audience well)
• Smith suffered memory loss after son's death
• Autopsy report not to be released until inquest
• Inquest into Daniel Smith's death will be open to public
• Criminal charges possible in death of Anna Nicole Smith's son
Full article ovah mere.

And Former TX Governor Anne Richards passed away while battling esophageal cancer at the age of 73. She was TX's second female governor. My thoughts and encouragement go out to her family. article


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