Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Vendor Fair

Fisher Scientific had a vendor fair today. They never have any vendors peddling items we need in lab. We sort of need a new scale and a new pH meter, but neither is super important and we can always find more important items to spend money on. But they serve lunch which gets people to show up.

Here was the menu du jour:
Tuna fish sandwiches, cut into thin rectangles
Pimento cheese sandwiches, cut the same
Cream cheese pinwheel things
Bite-size eggrolls, southwestern/oriental? who knows
Bacon-wrapped chestnuts, no clue who thinks this is a good idea
Chicken fingers
Tortilla chips
Mexican bean dip kinda thing
Tea, sweet and unsweet

and the plates were tiny plates so everyone had to practice their food stacking but I didn't see any as accomplished as Chinese Pizza Hut patrons.
With accompanying pictures
Picture 1
Picture 2
and the whole gallery.
I'm playing soccer at 6 today and I brought my clothes with me so I don't even have to go home. I miss J though. And I'm hungry. Dinnertime is usually right after work, if we don't work out, so between 5 and 6.

Going camping this weekend. Still working on my paper. Congrats to ESC for submitting hers to her committee!


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