Thursday, August 31, 2006



Nothing springs to mind as of yet.

Played soccer yesterday, we lost 19-21, very close. There was a new guy who showed up, not gifted in the ways of futbal, but holy crap was he fast, more than made up for his lack of skill. I don't think he played much as a kid.

This weekend I'm doing a 24 hour autocross. From noon Saturday to noon Sunday. And as of right now, I am the only one going from here. No wives, fiances, other car nuts. Just me and my Focus.
The Central Carolina’s Region of the Sports Car Club of America is proud to present the annual 24 hour autocross.

This event is the first weekend of September (Labor Day weekend) at Continental Tire in Charlotte, NC. The 24 is different from a normal autocross as you are not limited to a specified number of runs. The event is run as two 12 hour sessions; you can sign up to run either of the 12 hour sessions or for the whole 24. For each 12 hour session that you run you must work for 2 hours. When not working you are welcome to make as many runs as you want, in the past we have stopped the event early due to everyone being exhausted and not wanting to make any more runs. At the 24 you are given five official timed runs that you can take at any time during the event, and only those runs count towards the results. You must declare a run to be an official run before you leave the starting line. This event is great for novices and experienced autocrossers as well. For novices it allows them to run the same course many times which removes the difficulty of having to focus on remembering the course and allows them to focus on their driving. For the experienced drivers you are not likely to find a better opportunity to test and tune your car unless you have your own personal parking lot.

I don't know how this will work. Will I crash (my body, definitely not the car) at 3 am? Will the sunrise reenergize my fellow autocrossers?

All questions that will be answered on Saturday - Sunday. And everyone be sure and cheer on the Clemson Tigers this weekend. Our opening game is against the Florida Atlantic University (quick googling) Owls. So if you get ESPN U then you can flip over and give a cheer.

And if you don't like football, then you'll be happy when the end of Jan. finally rolls around and all this goes away. But for everyone else, it's the calm before the storm.

I need to figure out a little box that I can put in the sidebar with Clemson's upcoming games and results. But for now, I'll just put it at the bottom of my posts.
Clemson Men's Soccer (futbal) #6 in the nation
Clemson Men's Football #18 in the nation

And today is Thursday, August 31st. And everyone knows what that means? Tomorrow is Friday, Sept. 1st my birthday! Hooray! I'll reveal my age if you can't figure it out by looking around.


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