Saturday, August 26, 2006


Trouble in paradise

For starters, thanks for reading Nick and I'll respond to your comments soon. How did you find my site by the way? Search, "next blog" button, or have you been a lurker for a while? But my post was mostly concerning babies and not STDs, two completely, albeit somewhat related, cans of worms or balls of wax.

Next, J and I are having a rough patch. Basically it can be summed up that J thinks I'm lazy at work and all I do is blog, read blogs and play Flash internet games all day. I do, on occasion, all of those things, but mostly as a way to break up work and not to replace or delay work. Just to rest my eyes and mind a bit. I haven't completed the paper that I've been working on and also haven't started my dissertation. I was informed of this at roughly 2:05 pm yesterday, which if my math works out, corresponds to J's 6th period planning session which means that her 5th period class, her worst behaved, put her into a dizzy of a tailspin the brunt of which is being endured by me right now. So she said that she didn't want to see me all weekend. She slept elsewhere last night and we were only at the house this morning for maybe a half hour. Our "conversations" went something like this:
S: Hey
J: I'm not talking to you.
S: (several minutes later) Where did you sleep last night?
J: (unintelligible grunt)
S: Do you want to make this Crockpot Helper for dinner?
J: Whatever.
S: (as I'm leaving to go to work, which I planned to do anyway since it is the first Sat. that I have been home with nothing pressing to do in a bit) If you go to Anderson, the cats need food. Do you want me to give you a call before I go work out?
J: (no response)

So yes, this is pretty much all my fault for supposedly slacking at work. In reality I haven't been slacking, I just haven't been working on my paper. So please send out some good vibes for me that all this works out.

Off to work. (This post took exactly 5 minutes to create and publish if anyone was wondering.)

Update: J called at 10:30 am to ask when I was going to work out.

Update 2:
Okay, just some drama set off by me and her 5th period class. Thanks jerks.


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