Monday, August 14, 2006


This is the end

Not THE end, but it is the end of J's summer. She left the house at 7:15 am to be at school on time. School officially starts on Thurs. but they have the teachers show up early to plan and have meetings and such.

I got a little note from karma yesterday letting me know I made the right decision. I was briefly considering going to Road Atlanta for a trackday (where they let Average Joes drive their cars on track) which would've been Sat. and Sun. But my friend Protege who was in da ATL Fri. and Sat. let me know that it rained all day there Sat. So which looks like the better decision A) Ditching your fiance on her birthday to go stand in the rain all day, B) Spending a lazy Sat. and Sun. with the woman I love and sharing her special day, and being dry. Yeah, I went with B and I think it worked out well for everyone. And I set a good precedent for my birthday which is Sept. 1st, the big 2-7.

One of my goals today is to look around for "sciencey" pictures that we can put up in her classroom. Maybe I'll do that after lunch. We have a large poster plotter (big printer) here at Clemson so I'm planning on finding some public property pictures and making them into posters. I hope it works out.

So two posts down is what I got J for her birthday, so what do you think we did last night? Well yes, we did that but we also watched Friends: Season 3! Woohoo! Actually I passed out halfway into the first episode, no telling when J finally closed her eyes.

And Protege, who despises all things creamy and dairy (seriously, you name it and he HATES it), was halfway through his piece of mayo cake and after his second "Mmmmm, this cake is really good!" I dropped the "Oh yeah? Well it's made of mayonaisse! Mwahahahaha!" on him. He claims that he tasted a "tangy" flavor but of course he says this after I tell him it has mayo. Then I tell him it has a cup of it. He finishes his piece, so I guess it wasn't too tangy. It was really good cake though. Super moist and delicious.

J asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. I don't know. Maybe red velvet. I was thinking of using our two loaf pans and making a multi-layered cake to maximize the frosting. I made the mayo cake in my pie plate which worked, but it expanded and looked more like a pie than a cake, but it worked out. I flipped it over onto a plate and frosted the bottom. But I was thinking since it expands that I could fill up my 2 loaf pans, let them cool, and then slice it into at least 4 layers (2 cakes in half) if not more, so it would go something like this (starting from the top):

Ooooooh, or maybe replace a frosting/icing layer or two with jam/preserves. Damn, that sounds good. I'll keep ya posted.


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