Monday, August 21, 2006


They're heeeeere!

Yes, the students are back. The parking lot wasn't bad this morning but classes don't start until Wed.

Now for this weekend's menu and a review:
Fri. dinner - Burgers with spicy Montreal seasoning. Great, it's hard to mess up burgers.
Sat. brunch - grits and chicken fingers. Breakfast and lunch kind of ran together, very good, but I would've liked a BBQ sauce for the fingers, all we had was catsup and mustard
Sat. dinner - Fajitas, pre-cooked steak strips and cheese that had not been refrigerated since its purchase Fri. afternoon. NOT GOOD! The tortillas were good.
Sun. lunch - Pancakes! and pre-cooked bacon, which wasn't all that bad. Super glad we started making pancakes. It's "Shake and Pour" by Bisquick, but you just add water up to the line on the bottle, shake and then pour. Freakin' delicious and you should've seen the delicious golden brown I got those bad boys. Although a few did stick, I might have to bring a little bottle of oil next time. And I just saw that they had Shake and Pour Blueberry, so I'll keep an eye out for those. The Chatsworth Bi-Lo did not have that. Of course we had syrup, but no butter. Or fruit preserves.

And some snacks, sunflower seeds, bag of pretzels (that I didn't open), and some granola nut bars. Except for Saturday's dinner, I was pleased with our meals this weekend.

We should've made a video of campfire cooking. Crap, next time.

Occasionally our Microsoft Office products won't work at all. I believe I have bitched about this before, not surprisingly.

Friday night we camped on a ridge up above the river. Nice in colder weather with a nice breeze, not so much during the summer. Then we hiked down to the river and swam and I jumped off a few rocks. I think Stal actually jumped off of one also. Tom was scared. I wanted to jump off of a higher rock but I wisely weighed the "Risk vs. Reward" and came up with a much higher risk pile, so I abstained. J was proud of me making a mature decision.

Then we went to sleep and then hiked out on Sun. morning with bellies full of bacon and pancakes and only had to cross Jack's River 9 times. I wore my glasses out because I saw no other hikers wearing glasses and I wanted to represent for the non-contact wearing visually impaired.

One last thing. Check out this article from CNN/Money. It's about a guy who came up with a nylon/polyester weave that is bulletproof and is much lighter than kevlar.
The first Kevlar-based bulletproof leather jacket he created weighed 11 pounds. Today the same garment, with the new material, is just 2.6 pounds

Pretty interesting and a great idea. Although I'm not too sure how well nylon and polyester are at stopping bullets, no matter how they're weaved.

Update: I just remembered as one of the conditions of receiving my hammock wedding present, I have to take Stal's blog off of the "Blogs that are no more" list. I told you I can be bought.


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