Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The stars are bleeding

I changed the station once Paris' new song came on. I cannot support that at all. There has to be a limit. I realize that she is no different from the many other pop stars, but enough is enough. It really isn't that bad of a song, but I can't get behind it. I think she'll do okay without me, and I need to convserve my strength to keep K-Fed off the air. And divorce Brittney so that we can finally start calling him Fed-Ex. And then he can float off into VH1 territory and race jet skis ala Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice.

That's gonna be a good day.

If anyone missed the drama at this year's Teen Choice Awards, Princess of Power has a good highlight/lowlight recap of the night.

My favorite was Dane Cook actually gave Mischa Barton a sandwich. Now if we could only get a few sandwiches into Nicole Richie, we'd be making some progress.


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