Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Smoked gouda

There was that and some egg with green tabasco on my 1/2 breakfast sandwich this morning.

I arrive at school/work and check my email. Rhonda has asked to be my friend on Frappr. I think she is just looking to up her friend count. Check her out. Sorry Rhonda, I don't think we're meant to be. You don't like rap and you can listen to classical when "you have to"? What the hell is that? When would you have to and why don't you like it? I only have 2 friends of which one is the Frappr greeter, but I think I'm gonna have to pass. Nothing personal Rhonda.

Yeesh. There are some strange things over there. You have some interesting friends Rhonda.

So our blogger friend Ruthie is walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk again, although this time she'll be in Philly. I won't post a public link to her donation site since it has her real name on it (unless she says it's ok) but email me and I can send you the link if you would like to donate. I think we're going to chip in some and J's breast cancer survivor mom is going to kick in some as well.

There is some drama in the 'Ham. I called one of my groomsmen to give him the tux scoop and he seemed distraught. Apparently his wife moved out and took the cats. He's never been the best at relationships and he loves drama. I'm not saying it's all his fault but I'm guessing at least 60%. So please keep him in your thoughts and hopefully this too shall pass.

More stable friend Tom was trying to organize a camping trip with his sunday school class. Apparently they're all too busy and don't want to go and now football season is started and I thought that's what Tivo was for, etc.... So he called up someone who ACTUALLY wants to go camping (me) and now we have taken the sunday school camping trip and turned it into a Hickory Knoll camping trip. (HK is where we used to live and will be the name of our car/mountain bike racing team if that ever happens, HK Racing and a big black and white tree is our logo) The trip will be in the Cohutta Wilderness and click on the Conasauga/Jack's Rivers for a topo map of where we're going. We're gonna try out a new trail that parallels Jacks River for 16 miles. Parallel might be misleading since it actually crosses the river 42 times. That's alot. So I won't be taking my hiking boots but instead my 2+ yr old Adidas ClimaCools that should dry out by morning. I hate hiking in wet socks. The boots I don't mind being wet but the wet socks I don't appreciate.

Yep here it is:
JACKS RIVER TRAIL. [Fig. 14(3)] 16.7 miles. This moderately difficult, orange-blazed trail is the roadbed of an old railroad. It is the longest and wettest trail in the Cohutta Wilderness, crossing the river 42 times. It is often crowded at the falls. The least-used portion of the trail is from Alaculsy to Jacks River Falls. In the middle of Horseshoe Bend are several beautiful spots to camp.

Taken from this website and we'll probably camp near Horseshoe Bend. Thanks Sherpa Guides!

So remember in the past few weeks I told some stories from my childhood? I was thinking back on those days (last week and 10-15 years ago) and why I decided to get those stories down. First off, they're slightly more interesting than my normal post. Secondly, if anyone was say searching for people who went to Santiago Christian School, this website would pop up and they would proclaim "Hey! I know that Seth guy! He was kind of cool. I should send him an email." And then we would catch up on old times and it would be great. Or it might go like this, "Hey! I remember this guy! And he has a blog? And he's been at it for 2+ years? What a dork. I'm gonna email this to everyone I know and show them what kind of a loser I went to high school with." And that is (soon to be) Dr. Loser to you buddy! So that kind of like a possible scenario with a much worse case scenario.

I've covered DoorKnob Bob, just got Santiago Christian School (SCS)(tons of stories from there considering I went there for 6th-8th and 10th-12th), I went to Sonlights in Costa Rica (it was a school for missionary kids, and went out of business about 5 years after I left, that was 3rd-4th and a little 5th I think) I've told a couple stories from Costa Rica and I think there are a couple more rattling around in there somewhere.

Posts to come: What I would buy instead of an Aston Martin and our car shopping adventure from last week, some high school Seth stories


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