Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Self Control

The reason drugs have been used for centuries is that people use self control all the time and it gets tiring. She cut me off! I'll kill you! Oh wait, no I guess I won't bash my car into yours. Self control. But when she gets home, she likes to unwind and have a beer/cigarette/ice cream cone. It's not healthy or productive but it helps you feel better and decompress after a long day of self control. Asking people to have self control 100% of the time is a bit unrealistic, at least for the majority of society and its ugly underbelly.

In reference to my "life altering benefit of adoption" that Tom referred to is that my J is adopted from South Korea. And yes adoption is great and wonderful and really helps loving caring people who can't have a child of their own become parents. Or people who acknowledge that there already enough kids in this world that they don't want their own and want to share their love with one of the countless unloved of the world.

But I was referring to mostly 1st world countries. It would be a great day if there were no abortions and no babies born whose parents didn't want them or couldn't afford to care for them properly. However, there will always be unwanted babies born in 3rd world countries who WILL die if they are not adopted and taken in by a loving family. And if you want to adopt a white baby instead of one of the other colors in the rainbow, well I'm sure there is an eastern european baby who is unwanted.

And we have THE HIGHEST TEEN PREGNANCY RATE IN THE WESTERN WORLD. But our teenagers aren't having sex more than their counter-parts in Spain, Germany, Canada, etc... So what gives? I'm guessing sex ed. (stat taken from coolnurse.com, but it should be common knowledge)

That's all I really want. Is for these poor (often underpriveleged) girls to be able to finish high school and try and make a better life for themselves instead of having to worry about raising a child. That will be a wonderful day.


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