Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My life is over

I cheated on J last night.

First the story, then the repercussions. Some friends and us went down to the Univ. of Georgia to hang out. Our last night there we were walking around campus and J spots a tall building and says "I wonder what is in there." So then the girls go back to the hotel room and I'm intrigued, so I wander over to the tall building. Most of the entrances are locked but I did see one hallway that led to a pool. So I dropped the bag I was carrying and look down and see that I'm already wearing a swimsuit so I go to hop in. But then I see the lifeguard. She looks interesting and is seated near a tile bench that you can sit on and dangle your legs in the pool. We start chatting and then she gets up and says that she stinks and needs to put on deodorant. Odd, I think to myself and then another lifeguard comes in. He sits down and we strike up a conversation. Then Lifeguard comes back and sits down next to me. She seems cool and we continue talking.

She's off work so we stroll around campus and I ask her if she believes in timing. Don't remember what she said but I tell her that our timing is off. Apparently she doesn't think so because she keeps walking with me. Somehow we wind up back at my hotel and run into my friend Protege. He says we can't go upstairs because the girls are up there, but there is a hallway that leads to a sort of study room, so Lifeguard and I walk down there. Before I know what is happening, she's naked, really naked. Next thing I know I'm naked and have a condom on. We all know what happens next, so I'm finishing up when I hear footsteps in the hallway. So I jump up and hide in a corner. I peek my head around and see J standing there! Shit, but the scariest part is the look on her face. Not sad or dissappointed but monumentally pissed. The kind of look that says you have entered a world of pain. So I take off down the hallway and think that Protege must've ratted me out otherwise how would J have known where to go. I get to the end of the hallway and turn around to see J walking up to me. I'm screaming in my head and then I wake up. I have never been more relieved to find out something was a dream before in my life. I look over and there is J sleeping peacefully.

Sorry to take you on an emotional roller coaster this morning, but I had to share. So let's make a few changes to the first sentence. Dream Seth cheated on Dream J last night. I guess J is right. Dream Seth is an asshole.

Another note: after leaving the pool we ran into my old neighbor who said that he was going to be there in a few months for the Georgia/Auburn football game. Before then I thought it was Univ. of Arkansas for some reason.


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