Friday, August 11, 2006


Mmmm, sidebar

I watched a very interesting short just now on Sundance called Milo 55160 directed by David Ostry. It was basically a guy who processed dead people (picture extreme DMV stereotype) but a kid came up with a yo-yo who was a "near dead". They always have a toy and his was the yo-yo but it was taken away by the worker and he essentially had to decide whether or not to give it back. Very funny and quick. I highly recommend Tivoing it or maybe catching it on TV.

Washed both cars today. It was fun, J pitched in and cleaned Tercel. I'm gonna wax both of them tomorrow. I use Meguiar's Quik Wax. You just spray it on, use one cloth to spread it on, then another to wipe it off and that's it. It does a whole car in about 15 minutes, and it looks good and rain beads off of it. But I'm never getting a black car again. It's too much work to make it look good. J noticed a few rock chips and various other imperfections in the hood today, but it's all motivation for her to get me one for a birthday once we can afford extravagant and somewhat unnecessary gifts like that.

Took down that NAPA auto thing that's been flashing at you for the past month. I'm such a shill. All it took for that was a friendly email and then a promise of a free shirt (which may or may not show up). I need to whore myself out for more next time, but I don't really mind it. If you ask nicely, I'll probably oblige your wild request, unless you're a spammer or a link whore.

I've been itching to make cupcakes recently. I think it was all the cupcakes from that test post the other day. I want to try my hand at making icing also. I already picked up the powdered sugar.


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