Thursday, August 24, 2006



My "real" post for the day covering some NYC, Brooklyn to be more specific, Hispanic food and my yearning desire to inhabit the city that never sleeps, is down below this one.

The FDA announced that Plan B will finally be available over the counter with proof that you are at least 18. Now to see which pharmacies won't carry it. Big day and a good win for people against unwanted pregnancies and unwanted babies. Courtesy of, click for the article.

And I also heard on the radio this morning, B93.7, from one of their DJs, uh Natalie Randall?, on her Diva Dish, that one of her friends is close friends with "OMG it's" Justin Timberlake. But her friend said that "someone" said that he wouldn't be seeing anymore of Cameron Diaz. You heard it here first.

And for something that is slightly more interesting and more important, a couple of guys decided that they wanted to help out in Iraq and this is an excerpt from their book. Via Outside online. It's a good read.


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