Monday, August 28, 2006


It gives you wiiings!

It's no secret that I love Red Bull. I was a "consumer educator" for them when it was being introduced in Birmingham and have taken a lifelong vow to promote and support them because they are such a cool company. They have Red Bull Minis for Pete's sake.

So a few upcoming events, of which one I will be able to see:
Red Bull Soap Box Derby in STL on Oct. 28th.
This unique non-motorized racing event takes to the streets in St. Louis’ Forest Park on October 28, challenging both experienced racers and auto amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered Soap Box dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

So Princess of Power, if you and your sis and hubby aren't doing anything that day, I would highly recommend going out and catching this event. Crazy contraptions, great wrecks, an all around entertaining day.

Red Bull Crashed Ice in Boston on Nov. 11th at City Hall. It's essentially downhill racing but on ice, so all the athletes are geared up in standard hockey equipment minus the sticks and see who gets to the bottom first. This doesn't really sound like Sloth's cup o' tea but maybe Warrior Steve will make her go. It's a Flash website, so not easily quotable but take a look at the website for more details and even an intro video.

For residents of Dallas, Minneapolis and ATL, there will be "Art of the Can" exhibits in the coming months. The ATL one will be held at the Mason Murer Fine Art. For examples of what will be shown, click on the Art of the Can link and then click on "Permanent Collection". Good stuff. I collected Red Bull cans for a year and I have around 20, but I stopped. I should start doing it again and then either
A) Put them on my race car in some way or fashion
B) Enter an Art of the Can exhibit next year

Currently my plan is to transform my autocross helmet into a Red Bull helmet. I need to do a little research to see what kind of prep is involved, but I don't think it'll be difficult. The hardest part will probably be getting the Red Bull stickers/vinyl.

This is the most basic of Red Bull helmets, and I'll probably stick with that for now.

Unless someone knows someone at Red Bull and I can get an actual sponsorship. They don't sponsor any autocrossers that I know of so I could be the first!

And also don't go out and buy Verizon's new Chocolate cellphone. Here is why.


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