Saturday, August 05, 2006


Every step you take I'll be watching you

Sounds creepy when Sting isn't singing it.

We also checked out the Honda Ridgeline and understood why it dethroned the F150 as Car and Driver's truck of the year. It's so versatile and also built on a car chassis, so for people not ripping up stumps or muddin' it rides better. The tailgate opens down like every other tailgate but also opens to the side (also away from the curb) which reveals a hidden panel that opens up into a weatherproof trunk. The spare is on a sliding tray that stows under the bed, but while it is slid back, there is a huge opening with a drain plug, so you can actually use it as a trunk or as a cooler. Damn.

Then the interior is nice. Honda build quality, nothing fancy but nothing chintzy either. Very ergonomic. VTEC 3.5L V6, 19/22 MPG, not great but it can tow 2.5 tons. Like a rally car and tools.

And they also just announced that the new Minis (the 2007 models I think) are going to be turbocharged instead of a supercharger. Which means that putting a bigger turbo on should not be complicated, theoretically of course.

And there is another autocross tomorrow. And we had a party last night. And I binge drank. Which means that I will not drink as much tonight. I was not hungover this morning. I did have the alcohol shits but that was nothing an Icee couldn't take care of. Mountain Dew flavored.

Heard Little Brother made it to Africa with minor fanfare. He arrived Tuesday at 12:30 am. His luggage arrived sometime on Thursday. Oops. At least it made it.

Results can be found here from the last autocross. 11th out of 25. 3rd in class. Lost to a Civic (again) and a Nissan 240sx (RWD and a much faster car). I need more front camber.


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