Monday, August 07, 2006



This blog has really been car-centric recently and to those of you who couldn't give two shits, my apologies. It'll all be over soon.

The autocross was lots of fun. Lots of new people and the course was very challenging. It was the opitimy of "sometimes you have to go slow to go fast." If you went too fast into one of the turns, it screwed up the next 2, so you had to go slowly through that turn to go fast through the next 2. Tough lesson but a very valuable one. Unlike Need For Speed or other non-sim video games (almost everything but Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports) you actually need to apply the brakes every now and then.

Slow in; fast out
Smooth equals fast

All those cliched sayings that are very important and hard lessons to learn.

This should cap off the current rash of car related posts. Someone asked what I would get instead of a $120,000 Aston Martin. Lots of things actually.

A used Range Rover (for towing capabilities and days when J is feeling soccer momish)
Turn my Focus into a rally car
Get J the Mini Cooper S convertible she's been wanting for a while
A fuel efficient daily driver for myself (either a used Focus for back-up rally parts or a Honda Fit)
My training sport bike, Suzuki SV 650

and there might even be some cash leftover for gas and all the insurance these freakin' things are going to require.

See you tomorrow.


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