Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Does anyone watch HBO on Sundays? I haven't heard one of you mention it, so I might be the only sucker who pays an extra fee for "fancy" TV.

I'm currently hooked on Deadwood. Everyone remember "Major Dad"? No? Just me then. Well Gerald McRaney currently has a main role and he brought in about 20 gunmen and is bringing in about 200 more to essentially wipeout the town of Deadwood so he can mine for gold anywhere he wants. And the Earp brothers, Wyatt and Morgan, just rode into town. It's gonna be good.

J and I both like Entourage. It's funny and we like most of the actors and characters. I've liked Jeremy Piven ever since PCU and his stint on some pre-coming out Ellen Degeneres sitcom. There was nothing else on I swear.

And we also started watching Lucky Louie, which is a Louis CK sitcom. He's a comedian. Very cynical and very funny. He also kept a blog from the 3 times he has travelled cross-country with his dog. That's pretty cool. But there was a girl with low self-esteem and he referred to her as the title of this post minus a letter.

I'm such a comment junkie. I always check to see if anyone has said anything. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

My brother is currently on a plane somewhere. He left B'ham at 6 am to go to ATL then would fly to IAD, Dulles in DC then it's a direct flight into Dakar. So please keep my world travelling little brother in your thoughts.


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