Wednesday, August 23, 2006



I located a few friends on facebook yesterday. Mostly guys from my undergrad. Even one of the other 3 chemistry majors I graduated with. He's in med school. And plans to specialize in thoracic surgery. Not knowing what that means but judging by the root word "thor" and knowing that the thorax on a bug is its chest, I have deduced that he will be cracking open rib cages and working on stuff in there. Now let's google it and see how close I was. Aha! I was pretty much dead on.
the field of cardiothoracic surgery is involved in the surgical treatment of diseases that affect organs inside the thorax (the chest). In general it will mean conditions of the heart (cardiovascular disease) and lungs (lung disease).

And what with all the smokers and Americans getting fatter and fatter, it sounds like he won't have trouble finding a job.

There is also a spot on there (facebook) where it can import your blog and put it on your "Notes" page, whatever that is. I was wondering if that is too high profile or since Facebook is kinda sorta private, it would be okay. I would like your thoughts on the subject.

I was in a funk last night and not the George Clinton kind. I just had alot of thoughts buzzing around and they threw me off-kilter. Here is just a sampler:
Focus is almost out of gas.
J is using ALOT of gas commuting to and from school.
She also keeps saying how poor we are, so I'm concerned.
She also hasn't been paid yet. (Their first checks come out Sept. 8th!)
I need to finish my paper.
I need to start on my dissertation.
School starts tomorrow (today) so parking is going to suck. (It did)
There is dirt that the cats spilled from their catgrass that has been there since Sat.
I still haven't vacuumed the living room yet. (The kitchen looks nice though)
J is always getting things ready for school and is very busy which cuts into S&J time.
With her busy, I feel like all the housework is piling up and I can't keep up. (Not really that bad)

I feel better today. I guess I just needed to be a Drama Queen for a bit.


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