Thursday, July 27, 2006


Slurm: It's Highly Addictive!

For some reason I have a subscription to Maxim. As far as I know I never paid for it, it just started showing up one day. I was a Maxim subscriber for most of undergrad and one or two years up here, but then realized it wasn't that funny and switched to Playboy instead. Maxim does have some very interesting articles though. And they do have an uncanny knack for finding hotties everywhere. It had one chronicling the adventures of a modern day treasure hunter, one on bounty hunters, and this morning they had a story about the Vikings pleasure cruise with accounts from the employees on the boats. I hadn't read any of the eyewitness accounts so while this story is almost a year old, it was interesting. And they covered trying to find Coca Sek, which is a carbonated beverage made from coca leaves. Apparently this story is about 8 months old but these two Maxim editors went on a search for it, in Colombia, and even smuggled two bottles back.

We hung out with Little Brother last night, watching TV, playing some video games, a very low-key night. And we're taking him out to lunch today for his last "soul food" meal. There is a lunch buffet in Central, the Central Station Cafe, and they serve lunch all week and brunch on Sunday. It's $6 and that includes a drink. Can't beat that with a stick. At the beginning they have a salad bar, then the mixed salads and cottage cheese. Then some traditional sides: collared greens, green beans, broccoli casserole, mac & cheese (J's favorite, she is constantly on the look-out for it), potatoes of some sort. Then the meats, usually fried chicken, meat loaf, occasionally chicken & dumplin's (No g's in the south ala banana puddin') and on Fridays it's seafood day which means fried catfish and fried shrimp and hush puppies. For a while there we somehow only ate there on Fridays and I got kind of tired of it, so we switched days. We don't really eat there alot, but since it's so delicious and so inexpensive, it is one of our favorite lunch destinations. That and they have the same ladies working there ever since I starting eating there, some 5 years ago.

Which brings me to what has been eating at me recently. I need to get off my ass. ESC is freakin' out trying to write her dissertation and the grad students who graduated before me had a tough time too. Which is why I need to start writing now. RIGHT now. It helps get all your thoughts together and see if there are any holes that need to be addressed. And this August will start my 6th year of grad school. That's a long time. Not the longest, but it's getting there. I did switch groups after my first year, so this will only be my 5th year in the group but it's still time to get out. So with your help and help from J, we can do this!


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