Thursday, July 20, 2006


Pimps and gangstas make the universe turn

That's from 8Ball and MJG's album "In Our Lifetime". That CD is actually what got me hooked on rap music. Such smooth beats and great lyrics. It's always in the car with me. I'll burn you a copy if you want; I don't think they would mind if it makes a few new rap fans.

I played soccer with a few guys yesterday. They play on Wed. and Sat. It was hot at 6:30 when we started playing but cooled down immensely once the sun dipped below the horizon. 3 of us are chemistry grad students and one of the guys also works in my lab. He's played most of his life and was almost recruited for the national team training camp. So he's pretty good. No Ronaldhino or Zidane, but he's got some tricks. I literally lost 2 pounds of water. But it's such great exercise and it's so much fun.

Oh, I wanted to share this also. So we have a new student in lab. She has a name and is from a US territory. There aren't many, so odds are you picked the right one. But she has a blog also. I generally just type in the first letter of an url I visit often and it will pop up in the address bar. Most of my daily blogs start with an s, Sloth's, E-Lo's, Rob's, mine. But I saw one address that I didn't recognize, it was a spaces.msn site and it had (let's avoid searches and I'll describe it to you) a common stringed instrument beginning with V
and the second part of it is a common among tweens and teens females used to describe each other and starts with a c
so I clicked on that link and up pops her picture. She is from a bilingual territory, so her blog is half English, half Spanish, but this is going to be an interesting experiment. I obviously haven't told her that I know she has one, for fear that she would censor herself, so let's see what happens shall we? Also is this wrong? Should I tell her? I guess I see how it could be wrong, but I don't like looking over there. Here is a link to her site my co-worker. Hopefully she doesn't track this back to me. But if she does, I suppose we can talk about blogging?

I'll continue ATL: The Weekend later. Episodes to come: Dinner at the Factory of Cheesecakes, Clubbin', Breakfast, GA Aquarium.

And before I forget remember Brandon from yesterday? He saw the post and liked it and I'm now getting some free NAPA stuff. Yippee! My wardrobe (read t-shirt collection) has slowly been adding automotive themed shirts in the past year. I need to check the ratio and make up for my lousy "this post is worthless without pics" post from a few weeks ago.

And we had the internet installed at our house yesterday! Woohoo! Now we just need a wireless router and we're in business. We went with cable modem since we give enough money to Bellsouth as it is. My neighbors have the same thing as us and they hooked up the cable to a TV (even though it was supposed to be internet only) and they had "free" cable. So I need to see if we can do that. Or at the very least threaten to leave DirecTV and see if they'll hook us up with something. And by something I mean a discounted rate or free TV for 3-24 months.


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