Thursday, July 13, 2006


Nobody wants to be a junkie when they grow up

I never did agree with that 80's anti-drug commercial. I was pretty sure that somewhere there was at least one person whose life goal was to be a junkie. Even a tad cynical at 6.

J and I played soccer last night. It was a great time, except for the fact that we don't have our soccer cleat (or boot) calluses anymore. J was the only girl and she did her gender proud. She didn't get burned too many times (once or twice), made some great passes, even had a few shots on goal and next time she'll make one. Needless to say I was very proud of her. They play every Wed. and Sat. at 6:30 so I'm going to try my best and make it every time.

We saw a bumper sticker on campus the other day that said roughly, "There are stupid people in this world because it is illegal for me to kill them." I told J that she needed that bumper sticker. It would go right next to her "Jesus, save me from your followers" sticker.

Fixed and added some new links yesterday. They are both blogs from some friends in the 'Ham. You can read through the entirety of both of them in about 20 minutes. Stal hasn't updated his since Sept. '05 and Tom was June 6, but once you guys post something new, I'll move the link to the active blog link section. Deal?

The Clemson Graduate Student Organization is taking a trip to Atlanta this weekend. We're going to the aquarium and Six Flags. It should be a very fun time. Hopefully we'll also have some time to head over to Ikea for some, to quote Futurama, "some affordable Swedish crap", but we'll be looking for a coffee table and maybe some end tables. Depending on where the Farmer's Market is, I would like to swing by there also. ESC raves about it and who doesn't like fresh produce?

Tomorrow I'll be printing out directions to all these places. And our hotel is fairly centrally located, I think. It's in Buckhead right next to 85/75, so I think that's OK. At least it's ITP (Inside The Perimeter). Currently I have no idea what our schedule is like but I think it's 6Flags on Sat. (we'll get there wicked early, ride some rides, maybe a $14 churro, and then leave earlyish maybe 1 or 2, we'll see) the rest of the day might involve Swedes and Farmers, we're all eating at some upscale Japanese place with a supposedly great sushi bar, then Sunday will entail sleeping in and then hitting the GA Aquarium around noon. And we're getting into town around 8:30-9 pm on Friday night. We might hang out in the hotel room or wander to a local bar. The only ATL folks I know are ESC, Smoove D, and Tricia, oh and I think Ruthie is back down there. And I know one "real" person there also. We were roomies for 2 years in college. I'll give him a call.


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