Tuesday, July 11, 2006


More than meets the eye

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean II last night. J ignored all the dialogue and still could follow the movie, so it was a bit predictable. I think what helped me to enjoy it was just imagining that I was on a ride at DisneyWorld. Very cool effects, both special and real. The two stuntmen who swordfought on the top of the spinning waterwheel was very impressive. Good job you two. And the CGI stuff looked good too. Kraken was especially terrifying. And J and I got to ride Kraken at Sea World in Dec. J was paying so little attention to the movie that she didn't even notice that was the name of Davey Jones' pet sea monster. She did enjoy the action scenes, but admitted that even those got a little dull. It was a 2.5 hour movie. But if you're less particular than J, you'll probably like this movie.

HOWEVER, they showed the teaser trailer for the Transformers movie. I can't remember his name (I think it's Robert) but the guy that runs UltimateInsult.net covered this last week but for those of you that missed it, I'll recap. So they're making a Transformers movie. Great 80's cartoon. Loved it and a HUGE toy franchise.

July 4th, 2007…Time to find those hand-me-downs and dress like it’s 1986! The first official Transformers trailer is here. We all know what to expect with Michael Bay directing, but the writers’ former works don’t give me much confidence either: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and John Rogers. Yeah, I’ll see it regardless! Here is the related post from last year.

But for the people who don't have the time to click on those links. I'll recap. Essentially the writers haven't written much. One guy helped with the screenplay for MI:3 (definitely a good thing, I hear) and he also wrote for Alias and Xena, yeah the Warrior Princess. That was Alex, who also worked on the Hercules TV show. Roberto has the same line-up. The scary(er) one is John, who helped write Catwoman, The Core and some barely known TV shows. Yikes. The Core? Not that true science makes or breaks a movie, but it was voted by the Intuitor as the worst movie physics ever.

And we all know Michael Bay's history. Now that I look at his IMDB page they're not terrible movies but none that I would call "good". Some are mildly entertaining and watchable, especially for a TBS rerun, but not good by any means. I guess The Rock would be my "favorite" or "least awful" Michael Bay movie and that's cuz I like Sean Connery, Nick Cage, and Ed Harris. And Ferrari chase scenes. And Alcatraz movies.

My mom really liked Pearl Harbor.

Right now I'm taking a Bible Quiz linked by self-proclaimed atheist CyniChris at Cynical-C.com, who got a 25 out of 50. Damn, 15 out of 50. But the scale I'm on is "10 - 19: Did you get your bible knowledge from Sunday School?" so that's a big yes to that one. We mostly studied stories and parables. Not so much Old Testament Law, which is very interesting to say the least. It's the real "fire and brimstone" stuff out of the Bible. But oddly enough, it doesn't get much discussion. Maybe because the punishment is usually a public stoning.


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