Monday, July 17, 2006


Livin' large

Sorry Smoove, we were fairly busy and had no chance to give you a call. Next time though. I didn't even call my "real" friend either. Not a good social connection weekend.

We stayed at Springhill Suites in Buckhead. Nice and they had a killer breakfast bar. Waffles, egg discs, sausage patties, bagels, muffins, donuts, cereal and fruit! And they serve it from 7-11, which is incredible for a sleeper like myself. I've never heard of breakfast at a hotel staying open past 9:30, so bravo Springhill.

Then we piled in the car to hit Six Flags. We were there early and there were hardly any lines. Goliath was amazing. It's their newest coaster and while it doesn't have loops or massive 90 degree drops, it was one of the best coasters I've been on in a while. It had several drops but the cool part was right after the drop was another small hill and another drop, so you get the positive G's in the valley and the negative G's at the peaks. Awesome and I really felt like I was floating over the peaks. My head started to hurt after Ninja, then Great American Scream Machine. I probably shouldn't have gone on Superman, but I'd never done it before and I had to go. So I told my belly to shut up and this would be the last. Superman was also very cool. You hop into the seat and then the harness bar comes down and locks you into place while another harness locks in your legs. Then you're flipped so that you are facing the ground, aka "flying" like Superman. But it was very smooth and lots of fun. The first time it swooped out over the crowd and there is nothing below you, I definitely got the panic "what if" scenarios but they were quickly replaced by "this is great" thoughts.

Then a person in our group wanted to do Thunder River. Ugh, fine but since you can see the line at the entrance to the ride, that's not a good sign. So an hour into the wait and we start seeing some ominous black clouds roll in. Yep it started drizzling and yes they closed the ride. Guess what? It's time to leave. At least the wait was under trees and shade. So we jet right as the skys open up. Get back to the hotel, shower, relax a bit, then make our way to Ikea!

And I'll be back shortly to continue the story.


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