Monday, July 31, 2006


La Leche League

Found out that one of my neighbors got a job helping run the WebMD website. So congrats Neighbor! And he moved to Nashville. So we're getting new nieghbors. I hope they don't suck.

Don't know why that last post double posted, and I don't know where I was going with it. But I saw a lady breast-feeding in a restaurant the other day. She had a large blanket covering the upper half of her body. Weirdo, I thought, and then realized that maybe there was a hungry baby under there. I think the solution is: Moms) Try and be discrete. Cover yourself and then whip out the boob and then let the kid latch on. Everyone else) You were a baby too once, and hopefully you were breastfed. Let these poor mothers feed their baby in peace. No dirty looks, no comments, just register it and go about your day. Unless there is a boob exposed for longer than 3 seconds, don't say anything. And if there is exposed boobage, offer a handkerchief or other small piece of fabric. Or enjoy the show.

We had an autocross on Saturday and we made the news! Not for a 15 car crash either. Fox News was in town for a ladies football clinic and the camera guy saw us and thought it was news worthy (and I guess it is on a slow news Saturday in the Upstate). But the story opened with a shot of a car on course, then to another car getting ready to go and then it cut to a shot of 3 cars and mine is in the center! Focus is a celebrity! I really couldn't believe it and Protege's car was right next to mine and after the 3 car shot they went to a close-up of the front of his car. It was great and of course I Tivoed it. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get it off of there and on to the internet for everyone to see.

Also got my tux finalized. It's this one
and we're going with an apple tie, no vest. Gold trim on the buttons and cufflinks and squarish shoes. So if you're one of my groomsmen or my father or future father in law, please go to the nearest After Hours tux place and get fitted, give them my last name, when the wedding is (Nov. 4) and the home store (Haywood Mall, Greenville, SC) and give them a $20 deposit. The total is $104 plus tax. It wasn't my favorite but it's going to be the easiest with it being a national chain and all. So everyone can pick up their tux in their respective hometown and then we can all return them in Orlando. Nice and easy.


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