Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hezbollah and you!

I don't know who we should be backing in this, but I know that we are backing Israel. I don't think we mind Lebanon too much but we super don't like Hezbollah, so as far as I can tell, our plan is give guns and tanks to Israel, give food and first aid to the Lebanese and obliterate Hezbollah. Hope that all works out.

I kind of want to discuss this with our Isreali faculty member but I'm scared and don't really know enough about the situation to have an intelligent conversation. I figure my responses would mostly be "Really? I didn't know that."

Little Brother came into town this morning at 8:15ish. I was in the shower so I missed his call, but he went downtown and remembered how to get to my house, so I called him back and he was in my parking lot. But he parked in our "neighbor's" parking lot, the one who tows us, so I moved his (my grandmother's old) car ('93 Buick Century) over to our lot. As I'm hopping out I hear Crazy pipe up and ask who owns the black car. "It's a Focus and don't you forget it biatch!" I think, but it's too early for all that, so I answer "it's mine". He needs to do some strut work on his Taurus and wants a level surface. Sure I'll move it, "You sir are a gentleman and a scholar," was his response. I'm surprised he didn't have a beer.

So after playing valet, and getting shitty tips mind you, I finally hop into my 3rd car of the morning and come to work.

Little Brother dropped Dad off this morning at ATL (the actual airport, not downtown somewhere) and then headed up here. They left B'ham at 3 am and my dad drove to the airport and then LB drove up here. Unfortunately, he's only staying until tomorrow. He's a busy man who is leaving for freakin' Africa on Tues. and he'll be gone at least 2 years. I'm fairly certain that will be the longest time for me to go without seeing him. My parents don't live in this country and I still see them at least once a year, sometimes twice. So I'm gonna miss him and really hope he stays in contact, either email or maybe he could start a blog? It's easier than email, IMHO. So Little Brother, I command you to start a blog and update at least twice a week.

J stayed up all night last night. She finally came to bed around 6 or so, but not because she was sleepy or she missed me, but because the internet went out. She was up all night working on her new myspace page and hopefully her blog too. Nope, no new posts and I'm linked under "My Baby!". Not sure how I feel about that. She did add a few links though, all cute or cat related. And PostSecret is in there too.

We also went pseudo-car shopping, but I'll get into that later.


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