Friday, July 07, 2006


First Amendment indeed

Fortunately for all you freedom of speech junkies, the Congress vote to ban flag burning lost by one vote, 66-34. Clicky for the story. But I got an email from Mega-Vote, my friendly email reminder that lets me know how my Senators and Representatives vote. And sho nuff, both of SC's Senators voted for the flag burning ban. Way to represent my interest guys. But in all actuality, I don't really care either way, but if I do get the hankering for an Old Glory BBQ, it's nice to know that I can still legally do that.

We grilled chicken kabobs for the 4th. Very good and not overdone. I bought a charcoal grill off a neighbor last year or so and it is great. I have yet to overcook anything. Of course, if you want something well done, it can do it; it's gonna take a while though. J also made S'mores bars that were rich and delicious. Friends brought over their own meat and drinks and pasta salad to share. After the masses gorged themselves and night was upon us, it was time for the festivities to begin!

We started with a box thing that shot balls, whistled and showered sparks. Very nice. We also had one of those things that you nail to something and it spins and makes sparks. Cool, but not $15 purchase price cool. It was a good experience and will hopefully help stretch our firework dollar next year. I finally realized that I like small things that you can throw or things that spin and fly up in the air. We also had some parachute guys that were very cool. They were shot out of a tube and then as they gracefully float back to earth, they emit sparks. I was able to catch all but one paratrooper; the other got lost in the trees. Good times.

Clemson's autocross was cancelled this weekend. Boo. I was itching for a local one after last weekend. But at least that frees up my Sunday. We still need to register and I need to start looking for tuxes.

We're in the market for a DVD recorder. Essentially we have some stuff on Tivo that we want to keep, but need the space on the hard drive. I have just started researching it, but hopefully there is an easy way to transfer those shows onto DVDs.

I played a pick-up game of soccer Wed. evening. It was alot of fun and I scored 4 goals! I guess I still have it. Unfortunately I ate a large Mexican meal roughly 2.5 hours beforehand so needless to say, I got to see that meal in reverse. But I did feel better afterwards. I might also need to look into those sweat-wicking-away shirts. My cotton t-shirt wasn't keeping me cool in the lovely SC evening humidity.

Plans for this weekend:
Put up new kitchen shelf that we got at Lowe's last night
Move bedroom furniture around so J can paint (tame teal from Sherwin Williams, I suck at painting by the way, seriously)
Fix the leg of J's dresser and start sanding the bedroom furniture so that we can spray paint it white
Probably go to Greenville for tux shopping and register for wedding presents
Come into work tomorrow, so I'll see ya then


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