Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Few quick links

Most recent "real" post is just a quick scroll down. Or it might still be visible if you have a huge monitor with a crazy high resolution.

This one is for my J. How intelligent are cats?
I haven't read through this site, but I'll give it a look later.

Top 10 unintentionally worst URLs
A few you have to read slowly or through a couple times. Great list. Awful addresses.

Really Bad Tattoos and just a taste for our blogosphere's own Clay Aiken freak, Princess of Power:

The horror! And is he wearing an ascot?

Really Bad Tattoos Part Deux

Really Bad Tattoos Part Drei
Really Bad Tattoos Part Cuatro
It's worth looking through them all. Parts 2 and 4 contain genitalia, so no kiddies, not that the genitalia is very recognizeable.

And how Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob, really feels about Joel Siegel.

All links stolen from our friend Cynical Chris over at Thanks Chris!


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