Friday, June 02, 2006



Why is there an i in that word? I had to google it just to make sure and I know that's how you spell that. I'm blame the Brits.

I was in a funk last night and it had nothing to do with George Clinton. We're leaving for Orlando today and I was just blah. We had to clean (bathroom, kitchen, dishes for me) and then pack (which I haven't done) before we even left and we're having to leave the kitties for over a week. I'm sure they'll be okay, a friend is going to be watching them, Protege's girlfriend actually, but we still won't get to see them for a while. I wish we could take them with us, but the longest car ride so far has been to the vet 3 minutes from our house, so we don't know if they're road trip cats or not. But that's a safe NO.

We're planning on going to the beach and to Wet N' Wild while we're down there. I haven't been to a water park since the end of high school when I went to Blizzard Beach. Should be a good time if I remember to bring sunscreen.

I dusted the dash of Tercel this morning with a maxi pad. I stupidly left the windows down last night and it of course rained. I parked under a tree so it wasn't too bad but the shift knob was slimy so I searched for a napkin in the glovebox. Nope, but there were a few pads (J's car obviously). So I pull one out and started wiping. Worked very well, then decided to see how it would do with dust. Pretty damn good. So if you're ever in a car cleaning emergency, I recommend maxipads. Maybe Kotex will put that in their next ad to gear it towards men a little more.

Big things on the horizon for Clemson chemistry grad students. No, I'm not president anymore but we're trying an overlap period where the old officers (me) show the new officers the ropes and what goes into the little that we do. So I still get to at least suggest ideas and I even delegated some tasks yesterday. I do need to tell the new prez that she needs to delegate especially since she's super busy with other stuff, or she'll get burned out. But we're planning an ATL jaunt which would include a Sat. at the aquarium, free time for dinner (and bar-hopping/clubbing), hotel and then Six Flags on Sunday. Also planning a Greenville Drive (Single A farm team for the Boston Red Sox) family outing where we would provide dinner and I hear the new stadium finished this summer is really nice. And a softball/picnic thing and maybe getting some more branded items for freebies (coozies with our logo) and something for graduating students (like a mug or something, maybe a Nalgene) but we need to see how much money we blow on the other things.

One last thing. Everyone knows Hooters right? So someone has decided to tweek this idea a bit and has come up with "Dipsticks" an all female quickie oil change place in Greenville, SC. The ad actually says that guys can come "get their engine revved". We discussed this and as long as the women know they're being objectified (ala Hooters girl) then it's okay. And I think the angle they're taking with women is that another woman won't lie to you. They also have "fresh-baked" cookies all day. I still haven't swung by to see what the devil is going on and probably ever won't, but it's out there.


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