Friday, June 30, 2006


Mare Binimum

J said that yesterday. It was funny. We also played soccer yesterday and I, the spaz that I am, kicked myself in the ankle and it still hurts. I also kicked the ball into the nasty retaining pond nearby. A tree brach was almost torn asunder when a friend dropped by and asked what we were doing. Relayed the info and he offered to go into the mire cuz he was on his way to go swimming in Lake Hartwell. Really? Sure. So he took off his shirt and ventured into the brown murky water. The cloud of black that surrounded him with every step was enough for me to know that my Plan B would've been much cleaner. But he gets the ball, gets out and then everyone smells him. Not pretty, but fortunately his windows were down and he was only 30 seconds or so from the lake. Thanks again and I owe you a big one. I would buy him some cookies or something but he is a Muslim and sticks to Halaal which is like staying Kosher for Jewish people. This is under Haraam, or unlawful foods:
Donkeys, monkeys, elephants, etc.

And I think that everyone should go by that one too. I'll leave the decision about drugs/intoxicants up to you.

Germany/Argentina game today at 11 am. This is two soccer powerhouses and a quarterfinal game, so it should be good. The World Cup is slowly coming to an end and then we can get back to no soccer on ABC and very rarely on ESPN. And definitely no soccer highlights on SportsCenter.

Did anyone notice that I double-posted? The first paragraph from my last two posts are roughly the same, or at least covered the same topic. Guess I was sleepy or lazy those days. I haven't been in a very creative place recently and my posts have been definitely been reflecting that.

And now to respond to comments:
Ruthie-Thanks for the offer and enjoy Sacramento!

ESC-So it's the Gwinnett Mall that has the bubble tea? Where is the Gwinnett Mall? Don't answer that, I'll let google take that one. Here is the link and then click on "Event Supps" for the schedule. Basically we'll be at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds from 7-8 am until 6 pm Sat. and Sun. We'll be huddled under the orange Clemson EZ-Up and I'm the black Focus #21, class "FSP". Or send me an email if you really might show and I'll send you my cell phone #. Although I wander what would happen if I posted it publicly?

Tom-Were you expecting anything besides nerds/dorks/geeks/Mole people at the premiere of the new Superman movie? Especially with a DLP(digital light processing) projector?


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