Tuesday, June 20, 2006



If you like spongy croissants and fast food, I would highly recommend one of these from Burger King. It's been 4 years since my last relapse.

Went to Anderson, ate at Fazoli's, went to PetSmart (cat food and a couple toys), and then tried to go work-out clothes shopping but since we didn't know any good, cheap athletic stores, we went to Old Navy. Ugh. Don't go there for athletic attire. They had two types of shorts. Exact same style (think long basketball shorts) but one had a number on it. Ooooooh. So I got a new brown belt.

My friend Subaru moved into a new place this weekend and for some reason didn't ask me to move. I'm not too worried about it though. But it's a 2 bed/2.5 bath place and the master bed is in a loft type thing. The only thing upstairs is the master bed and bath, but there are doors so I guess it isn't a real loft. But their house also has a weird outside room. There are sliding glass doors that go out into a 10x8 space that is outdoors surrounded by walls. If you have seen any prison movie, it's much like the hole except it's wood siding instead of concrete and there is no roof. Or more accurate it's like the pit where they killed Kirsten Dunst and her "mom" in Interview with a Vampire. But without the metal grating on top. It's get full sun for about an hour and gets partial sun for another two, so a good place for easily burned people to lay out? I have no idea what this room is for but I suppose it would be a good place for some indirect sun plants and maybe a chair? They also have very high ceilings which I want just because I want to hang stuff from there and use the unused space.

What would I hang? Anything I damn well please. But maybe a mobile?

Or maybe a model airplane?

I don't know but I do know that I would need a big ladder to get the job done though.

But the main reason he picked this apt. is the garage. It's a one car with a little extra space in front of the car. But now we don't have to work on cars in parking lots and if we don't finish leave them outside! Yay! But there is lots of wall space in the garage, so I need to come up with some good auto-themed wall hangings. Maybe blow up some pictures I've taken at various events. Or make a collage of pics. Don't know yet but I did snag a cool Bridgestone poster which will go up shortly. I think we'll pop its cherry by putting a new clutch in Tercel, but we'll see.

What would you hang from your ceilings if you could? Or hang on your huge wall?

P.S. Subaru also asked me if I was watching any of the games, to which I answered "as many as possible" then realized "oh. What sport?"
Basketball? Uh, no.
Hockey? Seriously? Hockey? No again. (Sorry to all hockey fans, I've never lived anywhere that got more than 1 inch of snow/year, so I haven't been exposed to it)
Baseball? Not since the strike of '93. Same goes for basketball too. If you make millions per year and strike, I don't care.
Then what have you been watching? Uh the biggest sports event in the world right now, the World Cup, of course. And we have two big matches today:
Ecuador vs. Germany (1 and 2 in their group respectively)
Sweden vs. England (2 and 1 in their group)
and the first game starts in about 15 minutes so set your VCR, DVR, Tivo or find a TV with cable somewhere quick.


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