Monday, June 19, 2006


Almost a week!

I'm sooo sorry blog and my blog readers, it's been almost a week. For some reason the computer at school would only let me go to clemson websites and I finally called a computer guy and he helped me figure out what was wrong.

So now I'm back and better than ever!

So much soccer! If you haven't been watching the biggest sporting event in the world, I pity you; there has been some brilliant goals and incredible ball-handling (hehe). Brazil has been looking like the world champs. Argentina looked incredible vs. Cote d'Ivoire and Serbia-Montenegro (which that country no longer exists, the Montenegrans voted to become independent, the last little part of Yugoslavia). The US has yet to score a goal (the other team kicking it into their own goal doesn't count) but is somehow still in it. They need to beat Ghana and Italy to beat the Czech Republic to advance to the next round. And then battle Brazil! So we're screwed, but that shouldn't stop you from watching the other games. We're almost to the second round and that's when it gets exciting. No draws, just sudden death overtime and then penalty kicks.

South Korea pulled out a draw with France to keep their hopes alive, the Aussies battled fiercely against the Brazilians and almost got a draw, but they are in great position to get 2nd place in their group (F) as long as they don't lose to Croatia.

Our summer student got an ipod last week and it has been fun showing her the games and stuff like that and it's currently hooked up to our sound system which has GREATLY expanded our listening regime which usually consists of sports talk radio, classic rock (Clapton, CCR, Doors, Stones), classical music (mostly Baroque) and O.A.R. (hippie jam band). It can get a little old, so a 30 GB ipod Video is a much welcome change. I think she even has a Law & Order: SVU episode on there.

Yes they're great, but they're also expensive and I haven't started looking into how hard it is to format movies and music into ipod-friendly formats. I know it's possible, just haven't started looking.

I haven't been visiting blogs either much this week. I'm starting to get better about time-management so I'm trying not to visit my forums and all my blogs on the same day. Spreading it around to even out the time I waste on here. I think it's working.

See you tomorrow!


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