Monday, May 08, 2006



One of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. Today is J's last day as a student teacher. And she will have her teaching certificate and has taken all the tests and now is ready to be a full-fledged teacher, shaping young minds and whatnot.

But as she's getting ready for her last day, she's talking to me. I think she doesn't want me to be sleeping blissfully while she's getting ready for work, but that's just my theory. Also I am a much better morning person than her. I fear J in the morning. If she wakes up in a bad mood, you betta run. So that's why I don't wake her up most mornings. For example, yesterday morning Speed TV was showing live coverage of the European Gran Prix from the Nurburgring in lovely Deutschland (Germany). Since we're 6 hours behind Central Europe, race coverage started at 7:30 am. That's early, especially for a Sunday, but I usually get up between 7:30 and 8:30 if left to my own devices. Normally I would have nothing to do so I would go back to sleep until 10 or so, but F1 is on! So I get out of bed at 7:45, feed the cats, grab my pillows and go lay on the couch and enjoy the world-wide spectacle that is Formula One racing.

J finally wakes up with about 15 laps left and didn't know where I was. I closed the bedroom door so the cats wouldn't bug her (not that they would, they were sleeping on me or on Julio's cushion) but she wakes up all cute and sleepy and pseudo-grumpy. Unless she has something important, she won't ever get real mad for NOT waking her up. So I said I would be in in a few minutes, I had almost caught up to real time on the Tivo, so then I could move into the bedroom. So I finally caught up, and then went into the bedroom, cats in tow.

Finished the race, Michael Schumacher taking another win from Fernando Alonso, who came in 2nd, and Felipe Massa's first podium with 3rd. Very diverse podium, nationality-wise, with Michael the German, Fernando from Spain, and Felipe from Brazil. The lone American, Scott Speed, came in a respectable 11th, but he still needs to get faster. He was also the only Red Bull car to finish the race, out of 4.

Not much else happened. Saturday I went into work for a couple hours, did some housework, should've worked out, then went to a friend's house in Greenville for Sexto de Mayo. This is our 3rd year in a row celebrating Cinco de Mayo with them. They're cool and I hope they don't fade away like other grad school friends have done. But I suppose that is up to me just as much as it is to them.

Friday, hung out, ate dinner at Outback, 1/2 order of cheese fries (J's favorite), Walhalla pasta for her, that bleu pecan chopped side salad as an entree for me, and Chocolate Thundah from Down Undah for dessert. Couldn't even finish dessert. And then somehow J left her leftovers somewhere, which was almost all of her pasta. Either we left it on the table, or it was on the roof of the car; gone either way. We rented "Fun with Dick and Jane" and "King Kong" on the way home. Both good. I liked Peter Jackson's take on King Kong, and I have to support my pseudo-lookalike, Jack Black. I kind of see it, but occasionally I'll get someone saying I look just like him. He's cool, so no big deal.

This weekend is Formula Drift at Road Atlanta! It's going to be an awesome time. If you like cars, any cars, or just want to see what this whole "drifting" thing is about, come on down to Braselton, GA exit 129 on I-85. Fun for the whole family. And if you would like to meet the actual Seth, author of this blog, I'll be under the big orange EX-Up that has this logo on it:

See you tomorrow.


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